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  1. Read on....


    Please get in touch if you or someone you know could offer Milord a forever home, thank you.


  2. Thanks Catalpa - you are quite right about the breed.  I have had 2 rescue Brittanys (still have one) and they one of my top favourites!

    Read more about the breed...




  3. Any Brittany

    fans out there?  This lovely Brittany is

    Shadow, estimated to be about 1 year old. 

    He is utterly adorable, bright, lively, friendly, sociable.  Anyone who knows Brittanys will know what

    affectionate and devoted dogs they can be. 

    They love family life and lots of long walks.  If you are interested in adopting Shadow,

    please get in touch for more information. 

    Shadow is vaccinated, micro chipped and will be castrated soon.  Shadow is at the Refuge in Cahors (46).  If you are a bit further away, we may be able to help organise a co-voiturage.











    Just a few of our dogs who have found happiness with new families....





  5. Great news, Ghost has gone off to a wonderful foster home and if all goes well she will have a forever home with them - fingers crossed.

    You can see more about her departure on our site...



  6. Kena has just gone to a

    wonderful foster home and has settled in immediately - her foster home just

    cannot understand why she has not been snapped up for adoption.  She is sociable, clean and an all round super

    dog.  She has settled in immediately with

    the other dogs in the family. 

    We still need a forever home

    for Kena, so do get in touch if you are interested in adopting Kena (who is

    currently in Department 81).




  7. Spread the word and come along if you can!  Fund raising stand....more information on our site....



  8.  Some great news....!  Results of

    an x-ray have shown that Ghost does NOT have a serious problem with her hips -

    it's a case of constipation which has been giving her trouble!   Nevertheless we are still seeking a good

    foster home or better still a forever family for this beautiful girl!



  9. This

    beautiful GSD has just been abandoned to the Refuge in Cahors by her previous owner due to a change in

    his circumstances.  Ghost is 6 years old and is gentle, affectionate but confused to find herself in a refuge.  We are seeking a foster home for her urgently

    (or better still a forever home, of course!), as she has trouble with her hips

    and it is possible she has dysplasia. 

    The cold, damp conditions of a refuge in winter are totally unsuitable for Ghost.  If you, or someone

    you know, could offer a foster home to Ghost urgently, please get in touch.  You can see more about her on our site…





  10. This super Teckel cross is a little older (8), but she is in fine form, friendly, affectionate and will make a wonderful companion.  

    Kena is spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped (250269800984565), all she needs now is a nice cosy home before winter sets in. 

    Please get in touch if you can offer Kena a forever home, thank you. 


    Refuge Canin Lotois, Cahors






  11. Update - these 2 GSDs have now been adopted.


    We have been

    asked to help to try and find homes for these 2 handsome GSDs by their

    owners.  2 males, 8 months old, vaccinated,

    but not yet castrated or micro chipped. 

    They are not LOF.  If anyone is

    interested in adopting these 2 young dogs, please let me know.  The owners are moving to a flat at the end of

    October and cannot keep these 2 gorgeous dogs. 

    Of course, it would be great to home them together, but not essential.  The dogs are near Cahors (46).


    Refuge Canin

    Lotois, Cahors (46)





  12. 7 September, Crayssac 46150... further information on our site....



  13. This little

    elderly poppet (Urane is about 10) arrived in the Refuge in Cahors a few days ago in a very

    neglected state.  Urane has a problem

    with one eye, which has now been treated by the vet.  We await further vet assessment shortly.  But we would like to find a foster home – or

    better still a forever home – as quickly as possible for this little Shih Tzu

    x.  She is only small and deserves some

    loving care with a kind family as soon as possible.  Urane is eating well and will respond

    beautifully to some TLC!

    Please get in

    touch quickly if you can offer Urane a foster or forever home… thank you.




    UPDATE - Urane was adopted today...12 August.  Her poorly eye is being treated with drops and all should be well in a couple of weeks. 


  14. A selection

    of some of our puppies and young dogs!!! 

    Please get in touch if you would like to know more about adopting one of

    these little bundles!  Or come along and

    see them at our Open Day on 4 August in Cahors (46) (see our site for further




    CANDY female,

    Berger x, 4 months old, micro chipped and vaccinated 250269500585720


    BENJY male,

    Berger x, 4 months old, micro chipped and vaccinated 250269500593281


    LUCKY male,

    Berger x, 4 months old, micro chipped and vaccinated 25026950058720


    NIL male,

    Berger X, 4 months old micro chipped and vaccinated 250269500593272


    MOGLI male,

    small Labrador x, 7 months old, micro chipped and vaccinated 250269500593853


    NANA female,

    Fox terrier x, 9 months old, micro chipped and vaccinated 250269500588090


    BOZO male,

    Griffon x, 6 months old, micro chipped and vaccinated 250269500593855


    CLARK male,

    Griffon x, 9 months old, micro chipped and vaccinated 250268710379414


  15. UPDATE - Poufi has been adopted....he is now living happily with his new family in the Charente.

    This is

    Poufi, an 8 year old Labrador/Griffon X. 

    Really the most jovial, happy dog, sociable and friendly.  A little older, yes, but in good health and

    with plenty of joie de vivre.  He would

    make a great companion.  If you can offer

    Poufi the loving home he deserves – please get in touch, you won’t regret

    it!  You could also consider fostering

    Poufi with a view to adopting him – get in touch again for further information

    on how to foster Poufi.  We may be able to

    help with transport if you are some distance from Cahors.

    Poufi is microchipped (250269500584333),

    vaccinated and is due to be castrated very soon.







    More info and

    photos of Poufi on our site….


  16. 2 events in one day.... come along if you can!  Spread the word, thanks.



  17. News today is that Monie, the elderly

    Labrador, needs a calm, secure foster home as soon as possible.  Unfortunately veterinary advice is that it is

    too risky to anaesthetise Monie to spay her. 

    Monie has signs of laryngeal paralysis (not uncommon in elderly

    Labradors).  With this hot weather, Monie

    needs to stay calm and cool and not overdo things.

    If you could offer Monie a suitable

    foster home – not too much excitement, no other dogs, secure garden, lots of

    TLC and an all-round safe environment – please get in touch.  Any veterinary fees for Monie will be paid

    for by the Refuge.  Please get in touch for

    further information on how to help Monie, thank you!



  18. UPDATE - Monie has gone to a loving foster home and is doing well.

    This is

    Monie, a Labrador and an absolute poppet who still deserves a loving home,

    despite being 8 years old.  Poor Monie

    was found wandering in distress in a village near Cahors and was picked up and

    brought to the Refuge in Cahors.  Despite

    efforts to find her owner, sadly, she was not reclaimed.  Monie has obviously known a loving home, she

    is affectionate and playful and would just love to find a gentle home where she

    can potter around and enjoy her senior years. 

    Monie is a little overweight, so care over her diet (she loves her food,

    as most Labs do!) is a must.  And she can get a bit puffed if she overdoes things, she is so full of fund and never wants to give up and put her paws up!

    If you can

    offer Monie the caring home she deserves – please get in touch.  A hot, uncomfortable stay in a Refuge is not

    the best thing for this lovely old girl. 

    Adopting an older dog can be a very, very rewarding experience!! 

    Monie is

    vaccinated, microchipped (250269500579435) and will be spayed on 11 July.

    Please get in

    touch for further information on how to adopt Monie.  If you are a distance from Cahors, we can

    perhaps help with transport.









  19. Lucky Papou has now been rehomed.  Good luck Papou and thank you to your new family.



    Taro - now called Max, left for a new life a week ago and has settled in

    well with his new family.  They are

    thrilled with him (and he with them!) - a huge thanks to them for coming so far

    to adopt Max!

    Here he is.... after so many months in a refuge, now with

    his own home, garden and a happy new life ahead of him...





  21. UPDATE - Droopy has now been adopted and his new family are thrilled with him.

    This is DROOPY,

    found lost and exhausted a week ago and brought into the Refuge in Cahors. He

    has, sadly, not been reclaimed and now needs to find a loving home. Droopy is

    about 7 (vet’s assessment), he is social, laid back and it is hard to believe

    he has been abandoned. He is affectionate and likes a fuss. (He is currently

    sharing his box with a small female terrier cross with no problems.)   He is a little bewildered to find himself in the refuge.  A quiet home with no children would suit him best.

    Poor Droopy's ears were in a bit of a state and he has an ear infection (otite)

    which is now being treated. He also has the start of a cataract. Droopy is now

    micro chipped (250269500593932) and vaccinated. He would just love to potter

    around in a garden and will make a super companion for someone happy to offer a

    home to a more senior dog. If you would like to offer Droopy a home, or know

    someone who would, please get in touch.










  22. Dear J&S

    Thank you for your enquiry about Taro, yes he is still available.  I will PM you....


  23. Just bumping poor Taro back up.  He is STILL waiting for a new home and I can't believe this lovely dog has been overlooked for so long![:(]

    If you can offer Taro an active, loving home (or know someone who can!), please get in touch.

    Taro is in the Refuge in Cahors (46), but we can help with transport if you are that bit further away.


  24. The oldies deserve their chance of a loving home too!  It can be very rewarding to adopt an older dog (no puppy training for one thing!) and older dogs can make wonderful companions....


    If you are interested in adopting one of our oldies, please get in touch for more information.


  25. This is Charlie, about 18 months old,

    utterly adorable, playful, sociable and unbelievably abandoned by a family

    through no fault of his own, just because they were not really bothered about

    him and left him to wander, until they moved and decided that they no longer

    wanted him around.

    Charlie is vaccinated and micro

    chipped and will make someone a super little companion.  He is friendly and playful, despite what has

    happened to him.

    If you want to offer Charlie a loving

    home - or know someone who can, please get in touch.






    Refuge Canin Lotois, Cahors (46)


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