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  1. [quote user="jehe"] . . . but rather they have set up English business's to operate their French fisheries.[/quote] As Nick said, in all liklihood operating illegally ! If your business is in France and you are resident in France then you must register in France one way or another - even if it is only as a branch company of a British company and this will still attract the usual cotisations etc.
  2. Hope this helps: 2006 Sun 4 Jun                           Pentecost Mon 5 Jun                           Pentecost  Fri 14 Jul                           Bastille Day Tue 15 Aug                           Assumption Wed 1 Nov                           All Saints Sat 11 Nov                           Armistice Day Mon 25 Dec                           Christmas   2007 Mon 1 Jan                           New Year’s Day Sun 8 April                           Easter Day Mon 9 April                           Easter Monday Tue 1 May                           Labour Day Tue 8 May                           VE Day Thu 17 May                           Ascension Day Sun 27 May                           Pentecost Mon 28 May                           Pentescost       Sat 14 Jul                           Bastille Day Wed 15 Aug                           Assumption Thu 1 Nov                           All Saints Sun 11 Nov                           Armistice Day Tue 25 Dec                           Christmas  
  3. You have a bit of a problem here I am afraid.  You don't have a Carte Grise so your car isn't registered in France. You've sent the export declaration back to the DVLA (informing them that the car HAS BEEN exported) and you are no longer in posession of a V5C. Therefore, technically your car is not registered anywhere at present and is therefore illegal to drive in any country - including France. Having recently been watching the BBC "traffic cops" program which is following the Hampshire police (which incidentally covers Portsmouth and the ferryport), they are now using (as I am sure most other constabularies are) mobile automatic number plate recognition cameras.  What this means is that if you are caught by their camera in a UK plated vehicle, the camera and onboard computer immediately links to the DVLA computer and comes back with an indication of the car's registration status, whether it is taxed and if it is insured. The camera can check many many cars each minute. As soon as it finds an illegal car it flags an alarm to Mr Plod who then chases after you. In the cases shown on TV, the owner of the vehicle is no longer permitted to drive the vehicle and it is removed. If the necessary registration / tax documents are not produced within a fairly short time (14 days from memory) then the car is crushed. I suppose my point is, unless you are prepared to risk this happening then it probably isn't a good idea to take the car back to the UK until you have it fully registered in France. For the benefit of others reading this wishing to avoid falling into no-registration territory, it's far better to visit your prefecture or sous-prefecture in person with you documents. If everything is in order then there is no reason why your new Carte Grise shouldn't be issued on the spot - and don't send the export notification back until after this has been done. You can also send back your unexpired UK road tax at the same time for refund of any outstanding months.
  4. The procedure probably varies depending on the route you are taking but, as I see you live in Cornwall, I'm guessing that you will be travelling with Brittany Ferries fom Plymouth. At Plymouth they usually just give you the scanner at the car check-in to scan your dogs yourself so no need to take them out of the car.  On the return journey however it is a different matter. You will be required to take your dogs into the BF desk in the terminal building where they will scan them and check all the paperwork. Don't forget to make sure you have the tick/flea/worm treatment not less than 24hrs and not more than 48hrs before the scheduled departure time of your return ferry. If the timings are difficult for you then speak nicely to the vet and you may well find he/she is happy to be a little flexible about the time or date put in the passport ! You are extremely unlikely to be stopped by customs in either country in either direction.
  5. I would be inclined to avoid getting any of it anywhere near a fosse septique. If they're only going to give the loo occassional use (i.e. at night) then it's only going to need emptying every five or six days - maybe longer. Why not put the cassette in the back of the car and drive off to the nearest Camping Municipal and empty it there in the facilies provided. The chances are the campsite won't even be manned and they can juse empty it. Worst case is that they have to pay for a one night stop which is only going to be a minimal amount anyway - but my guess is that a nice smile to the attendant and maybe a 5€ note ("un boisson") stuffed into his hand and they will be welcomed back on the next occassion.
  6. I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I am delighted to hear that there is a requirement to submit goods for NF certification.  From past experience, I know that many eastern low cost manufacturers simply mark their products with a CE symbol when in fact they dont even come close to the required standard. That's the big problem with the CE self certification system. It's all too easy to simply put a CE mark on items just as it is to put a nike logo on a pair of trainers or foorball shirt. If the UK processes for BS certification are anything to go by - and in general the French seem to be even more stringent - it's not that simple, can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. I hope, for your sake, that it isn't that difficult in France and that you find your products do in fact conform to the required standard. Good luck with it and please report back to let us know how you get on.
  7. A report from todays Plymouth Evening Herald can be read HERE.
  8. Wow, it's a bit hard to be thinking about Christmas already !! Dinard is a small airport so passage through it is usually swift.  The only thing at that time of year is the weather can cause problems. The airport did close on a couple of occassion last year when it snowed. When this happened, incoming flights already en route were diverted to Nantes and others just cancelled (always a small risk with Ryanair). Car hire pick-up is easy at the airport although if you book with someone other than the company Ryanair use (Hertz I think) you will get your car much quicker. All shops will be open Friday, Saturday and all day Monday.  Only Christmas Day itself is a holiday in France and everything opens up again on the 26th. You are likely to find some Christmas markets open on Saturday 22nd.
  9. I'm not quite sure how they stand regarding the legal situation.  The parent company that owns and maintains the website is a UK Ltd. company and the servers are based in Florida, USA.  Presumably the franchisees, who I assume are based in France, must be registered as a seperate entreprise in France however there is no mention of this on the websites so presumably the "franchise" must be restricted solely to the rights to sell advertising. If their websites are operated and maintained by a UK company then is it reasonable to assume that UK law would apply?  If so, why are they so worried about complying with every last detail of French law ?   
  10. A lot of cars now have self levelling xenon headlamps. These can usually be adjusted (a small lever on the back of the headlamp unit) to dip either to the right or the left. You often won't find the instructions how to do this in the car manual but a trip to the main dealer should show you how. The advantage for the manufacturers is that they only have to make one type of headlamp so keeps their costs down. Having said that, there are a lot of people who don't bother to adjust their headlamps. It was reported one day last summer that the police at Cherbourg were checking all UK cars coming out of the ferry port that didn't have visible beam converters. There were a lot of fixed penalty fines handed out that day !!
  11. I saw your post on the "other forum" and thought it asked a very good question without being worded in any way which could cause offence to anyone. I think the problem is, that being run as a franchise operation, the franchisees have invested a considerable sum of their own money in the forum. The only way they have to get their money back is through advertising and, lets face it, we all know how hard it is to make money in France!  It is understandable that the franchisee will take money off anyone who wants to advertise. This is all very well, if only they could be up front about it and maybe issue a disclaimer pointing out that it is the duty of people responding to ads to ascertain the legal status of advertiser.   The problem here is that the forum in question seems to set itself on a moral high ground platform using "legality" as an excuse for censoring other posts within the forum - often with very spurious justification.   It certainly seems that double standards apply.
  12. Assuming you have found the correct sat signal, you then need to rotate the lnb to around the 1-o-clock position or maybe a lttle further.  As you rotate it you will see the signal quality increase. You should be able to get it to around 75%.
  13. Makes sense I suppose - they're all owned by FT anyway. Concentrating on the "Orange" brand is probably a good marketing plan.  It will be a bit tough on the UK people though as they've only recently got used to being Wanadoo instead of Freeserve !!
  14. UK doctors can give a prescription for two months supply (or two precriptions at the same time for one month if they wany to be difficult). You just have to tell them you will be away on an extended holiday and not take "no" for an answer.  Hopefully next time your mum can get the doctor to give her more for her trip.
  15. There's not, as you might have guessed, a simple answer to this question and you'll probably need to consult an accountant to get the best advice. In fact, there are several questions here: Firstly, the old favourite: do you need to register at all. In theory the answer to this will only be yes if the B&B is your main source of income in France but, if you read through other threads on this subject you will see that different people have been given different advice about this by officials in different areas. Just look up the posts by "gastines" to see how complicated this question can become. Next, if you end up registering, the choice of regime is quite complex.  If you've had a lot of start up costs, including renovation, then with the reel regime you can write these capital costs off over a period of three years offsetting it against income which can be a big advantage. Your accountant might be able to show a zero or very low profit on your accounts which will mean you don't pay any tax and get other benefits. On the other hand the micro is very simple to operate and you don't have to worry about keeping every receipt. If you don't have a lot of start up costs to write off then you may find you pay less tax with the micro. Get an accountant to look at your accounts so far, your personal situation and your cashflow projections for the coming year and see what advice he or she can give you. Finally, the question of TVA.  You aren't required to register for TVA until your turnover reaches 72000€.  It seems unlikely that a B&B restricted to 5 bedrooms will generate that sort of income so it's not something you should need to worry about. If you were to choose to register anyway then don't forget that as well as being able to claim back the TVA paid on purchases relating to the running of the business, you would also have to charge TVA to guests for bookings which might make your rates uncompetitive. Good luck with your venture. I hope this helps and I'm sure you will get lots more advice.
  16. Eslier

    Cats have a cold

    I'm very pleased to hear the news Dotty.  We do worry so much about our pets don't we ?   I'm sure they will be back to normal in a few days.
  17. Eslier

    Cats have a cold

    As far as I can gather from my sister who breeds posh cats and is a bit of an expert,  once a cat has had cat flu once, it can recurr following a traumatic experience of some kind.  One of our kittens had a relapse after returning from the vets one day and promptly passed it on to our older cat who had never been ill  before in his life. He has always been up to date with vaccinations but still had it quite bad.    I  understand that cat flu is quite common in young kittens and is easily passed on at rescue centres etc. As to symptoms,  when our kittens both had it, it was only the eyes that seemed to suffer - just as dotty has described - until one eye almost closed up altogether. With the older cat, he was sneezing quite a bit but his eyes weren't too bad.  So, hard to tell I suppose but I guess the best thing is a trip to the vet if you are worried.
  18. Eslier

    Cats have a cold

    I'm sorry to say that it sounds as if your cats have "cat flu". It can become very serious but with prompt treatment from your vet they should make a good recovery.  The symptoms you describe are exactly the same as our kittens had some time ago now.  Following an injection, a course of antibiotics and eye drops (great fun trying to put those in) for a few days, they both recovered well. You are doing the right thing to take them to the vet in the morning.
  19. Firstly, your chainsaw will have a quite high power motor - probably around 1600w - and you won't find a domestic dimmer switch which will cope with that sort of power unless you spend quite a lot of money. Even if you did  find a suitably rated dimmer it won't help you much. If you run the dimmer at a low output it will wreck the motor so I wouldn't recommend it.  The resulting smoke and burning smell might be quite effective though.
  20. The best way is to arrange for a transfer of funds to the Notaire's bank account for a day or two before your appointment to sign the Acte de Vente.  Your Notaire will provide you with the account details you require (IBAN etc.) and all you need to do is arrange the transfer with one of the many commercial exchange companies, telling them which day the funds need to clear into the Notaire's account.
  21. Any subject you like Dick, it doesn't have to be about anything to do with France. As long as the conversation stays within the Code of  Conduct.
  22. mmmmm sounds good - I might just have to give that a try. Thanks.
  23. Caen to St Malo is a very easy trip. It takes just under two hours by car.    Usually, when BF have to transfer people to another departure port, they offer cash handouts towards the additional fuel costs when people turn up at the port. When they had problems with the Pont Aven the year before last I understand they transferred passengers onto alternative crossings and gave them a full refund of what they had paid.
  24. Dotty, logout of the forum then, try deleting all your cookies.  If you're not sure how to do this, post back with which internet browser ( i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) you are using and someone will talk you through it.  Once you have deleted the cookies, open up the forum again and it will ask for your registered e-mail address and password again. Do this using the one you want to keep and hopefully you should login ok.
  25. If anyone is interested in finding images that can be published freely then just do a Google search for "public domain images" and you will find many websites offering copyright free pictures.
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