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  1. I wondered where Blackpool landladies spend their retirement. 
  2. 'is what stops stupid mothers from giving their kids vaccinations'   - - - and the fathers?
  3. ‘The methylene chloride probably does you no good at all’.  Yes, it’s certainly a problem in commercial paint stripping.   It’s classified as a Category 3 carcinogen in EC. (ie gives cause for concern, owing to possible carcinogenic effects, but insufficient information for making a proper assessment).   In high concentrations it’s deadly.   Absorbed through skin and a ****** for the eyes.   I’d again have no problem using it in a small diy job (especially outside) with sensible precautions.
  4. This is the guidance leaflet issued to employers in uk by the HSE: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg305.pdf If it was me, and I wanted to renovate the shutters as a DIY job I'd go ahead using the fairly straightforward precautions. Don't forget to ensure animals don't ingest it either.   
  5. I wasn't sent a bill in my first full year (despite querying it and being told it'll sort itself out).  The following year I received 2 bills, which was less welcome!
  6. Brits will know what I am talking about when I refer to the paper that was provided in public toilets in the UK at one time. One side of the paper had the finish of waxed paper and the other side was like sandpaper. Not just public lavs! Everyone had the damn stuff when I was a kid or was it just my rural backwater?  Most of the local Luddites continued extolling the virtues of Bronco for years ('better than that soft stuff; at least your fingers don't poke through it!). And it was normal when I was at University, except for the day Ted Heath visited.  For that day only, every lavatory had the soft stuff in case the Grocer dropped in for a dump.
  7. I was in the same position a few years ago.  I went to the local bulk supplier and arranged it (I didn't trust my French over the phone but as it turned out they needed money up front as I was a new customer).  They delivered the next day which was Christmas Eve.
  8. Good grief Fantine you do seem to be getting a bit anal about this! I'm asking now in the hope that someone will be able to help in time for me to buy them in August/September. (Don't fret Fantine, I'll take care in the heat). In fact I probably have enough to see me through most of the winter but I want to stock right up again and I want to reseach a good deal (and the right wood).
  9. Thanks Opel Fruit.  Very helpful. I think I need to intal a bund.  The oil heating was installed in mid 80s; any idea when requirements for bunds were introduced?
  10. That's the sort Hendo, put 'em on fires to keep you warm. Fantine, I buy 'em in summer so I'm ready for winter. 
  11. Can anyone recommend a purveyor of logs around Briouze in 61?
  12. I wish someone would explain that to me. I hear brits say, I like french good family values and I don't understand. Doesn't anyone else have them? Surely, it's the usual old thing.  See a family behave in a particular way for a few minutes and extrapolate it to how a whole nation behaves all the time.
  13. I was at my place in Normandy last weekend and my pears seem to be in a similar state.  I'd be interested in any ideas too.
  14. I referred to the gentleman as English in a generic sense, I could have been more specific as to where in UK he was from, his accent was somewhat obvious, but I decided to leave that bit out, not wishing to start a Civil War! But the main point behind my observations was that irrespective of where this person was from or what sort of thing he was towing- - - If which part of England is irrelevant perhaps which part of Europe is too?
  15. Conservative mucked it up last time with John Major What abaout liberal? Won with the bestest edjacation policy
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