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  1. [quote]Belves is certainly a pretty little town. Good to see that you are introducing some culture. Bob Clarke http://perso.wanadoo.fr/grindoux[/quote]

    Belves is a delight Bob!

    I am mystified by what culture you claim I have brought to Belves?


  2. [quote]You could of course treat the wood yourself with xylophene or something similar. It's a messy job, but much cheaper[/quote]

    Thank you Tants, but I want to make sure I get rid of the things! And you get a guarentee from the professionals.


  3. [quote]WAF made an interesting point, if we had slated into Muslims, Jews, in the way the catholic faith (e.g comments re pope) have been done here - we would have been shouted off the forum for being racist...[/quote]

    Exactly my point Deby!


  4. I think Camilla looks OK too for a woman of 70! What has all this to do with France anyway? Can we discuss all matters regardless of the subject?

    As for the Pope and the remarks made by some of you, I doubt you would be able to make comments like that about other religions, such as Mulims for instance!?


  5. Sabine, thank you very much for the information on STAD. I have made contact with them and they are going to carry out a survey on my house.  The company that did the obligatory inspection are saying they can't do the work because of some silly law in France regarding a clash of interests.


  6. Can anyone recommend a good and reputable company to treat our Capricorne (I never heard of them either!) They seem to have been feasting on our floorboards and roof trusses for a long while, most of which are now piles of dust!


  7. Hi to all in the South West (the best part of France) We have just bought a lovely old stone house in the centre of this beautiful hill top town, would love to know if there are any of you in the vacinity?


  8. We have just signed the Act on our purchase in The Dordogne, I thought this property tax was real!!!! You really gave me a fright! I even thought about putting it back on the market.


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