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  1. Ah well, I don't suppose I'm missing much. Everything bar TXT works, so we'll let the broadcasters sort themselves out, and take it from there. Thankfully, I can still get the English Australian cricket scores, to keep me happy !! Thank you all for your advica and assistance. Pog
  2. Thanks pachapapa. Yes, it's all in the manual, but when I follow the instructions, and yours, I receive the message " no text transmission available " This happens with all the French channels. When I look at the info for any channel, I see a row of horizontal icons, most encircled in yellow. The one at second left, which I think denotes text, is in grey, which I assume means not being received. So the puzzle continues. Pog
  3. I recently installed a " Strong SRT 7400 " digibox, to replace my previous box which only provided 6 channels. I now have TNT, and a TV capable of receiving High Definition programmes. Signal strength and quality are good, via HDMI. However I am unable to make the teletext function to work. The info function is fine. Also connected to the same TV is my English set-up which has no problems. The manual indicates Text as being a normal item.Is it my lack of understanding, ( quite likely ) or is there something fundamental about Text from TNT. Paul.
  4. Hi, looking for a Plain-pied in Caussade area, is there anyone out there to talk to or meet on our, as yet unplanned , next visit ? Two elderly but sprightly retireds, 3k miles/yr cycling, 1k motorcycling, also walking. Campingcar owners.
  5. Two retireds considering permanent move, and think Carcassonne area suitable. Would be looking for newish 3 bedroom bungalow or villa with say 1000 M2 garden, fairly close to usual ameneties. Not averse to a few hills. Without converting you to an Immobilier, what are the prospects, and what sort of winter climate could we expect. A very subjective question, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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