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  1. Hi Dave,

    I'm in exactly the same situation. I can't give you any help, just interested in any answers you get. I've remortgaged, also bought in Dordogne and ready to let this summer. No bookings yet though. I'm near Bergerac, where are you?

  2. Thank you for the replies, you have all been most helpful. I have to say, the reason I referred to the water heater as 'chauffe eau' is because I copied it from an estimate written by a french plumber!
  3. Hi,

    Does anyone know how far away from the chauffe eau one can add a shower etc? We need to go 8/9 metres. Do you think this is too far?
  4. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for replying. You actually emailed me back in August and I have driven near your place but not seen it yet. We are in Coutures, Monestier, where D18 crosses D4. 2 kilometres from Chateau des Vigiers. Next time I'm round your way I'll try and find you.

  5. exchairman2,

    I've been with aol for years and everybody always tells me to leave them. When I first tried to connect in France with my laptop it wouldn't work and I got quite frustrated with the aol helpline telling me the old favourite line 'it should work'. However, the next time I went and tried again it worked, and has been fine ever since. In fact, as someone else mentioned, connection seems to be quicker. We're in 24 also. Where are you moving to?

  6. We had a box and dish installed last year but only receive BBC television and radio programs. At first, it was only the radio we were interested in but now are wishing we could get ITV. I'm not sure if that is possible as there isn't any place to put a card. Do we have to buy a different box and start again? My other half misses watching the Grand Prix and they start again next weekend!!
  7. Hi Penny,

    Yes that's extactly right, I've washed it so many times as it looks so good when wet. We're in dept.24 also, on the borders of Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne and Gironde. Whereabouts are you?
  8. Chrissie, Thanks for your reply, I'll try that.

  9. Dave & Olive,

    My other half says they're clay although I'm not convinced.

  10. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a black & white tiled floor look a bit more respectable? They are obviously laid direct on the earth but we like them so want to leave them in place. When they are wet they look fine, but when dry, the black ones look salty and the white ones show damp stains. Does anyone know of a product to paint on to give a permanent wet look? Eventually we may dig them up, but for now just want a way to make them look better. Thanks for any suggestions.

  11. Hi,

    Slowly renovating property exactly where these three departments meet. Just wondered if anyone else is near there?
  12. strange, also EU Jet from Manston(Kent) to Toulouse are stopping this route. I thought the problem was Manston but maybe it's something to do with Toulouse!
  13. strange, also EU Jet from Manston(Kent) to Toulouse are stopping this route. I thought the problem was Manston but maybe it's something to do with Toulouse!
  14. Hi Lizs,

    Just wondering why you were leaving as I have just bought a property near Duras. Hope you don't mind me asking. regards Isobel
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