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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before so apologies if I am repeating it. My wife and I are seriously considering relocating to the Vendee, after many excellent holidays in the area and having great French families as friends, we would also like to enjoy this more relaxed lifestyle - but one thing is holding back the final move, the KIDS ! We have two boys aged 5 & 7, the younger has just started school in September, the elder has been in school two years. We are worried that they will find it difficult to cope learning the basics of everyday French life especially schooling and education. Is there anyone who was in the same position as we find ourselves in ? any help and advice would be greatfully appreciated. 1) How quickly did the younger children get a confident grasp of the language ? 2) Were they confused between learning English before and now learning French ? 3) Did they feel alienated at school being 'foreign'? 4) Being so young they will learn through the French education system, but do they then not know how to read and write in English or do they study English privately ? 5) Anyone recommend a good school in the La Roche sur Yon (85 - Vendee) area ? Any advice please !
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