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  1. Yes, it's definitely a smaller one that we need but not a standard rectangular one. I saw an old woodburner in a depot de vente a few weeks ago which was very flat and looked as if it would fit inside a shaped fireplace as opposed to an inglenook. The flue outlet on th back was a small rectangle, not the rounded type. I'm wondering if the fittings would still be avalilable to connect to a modern inox liner. If anyone has a similar one I would appreciate the advice as it would be my luck to buy the antique burner and find out the fittings don't exist. Catherine
  2. We have a double chimney in the centre of our house. On one side, in one room, there is a Die Dietrich cooker/woodburner and on the other we have an elegant 18th century fireplace which is very small. The floor bricks have been painted and the tile surrounds are very much crackle glazed but I'm not sure what kind of fire has been here in the past. There is evidence of an old wood burner which must have sat well into the room. The DD has the usual metal tube which is fitted high up into the chimney breast. It then sits onto a platform which directs the flue into the chimney which serves the fireplace in the next room. Therefore, as we don't use it very often, it could be isolated. The smaller elegant fireplace in the opposite room is the one I wish to open up. I have cleaned the chimney in this room, which is in good condition but the initial opening is not very wide/broad. I would like to get some kind of fire going just to keep the main chill off. I'm worried about a small open woodfire because the room sits above a cave and the floorboards are newish pine (big fire hazard!) Also, I think the fireplace may be too small for a fire that would be worthwhile! We could install a very very small woodburner, with an inox tube. This room is not used everyday but needs to be heated. It has electricity but that is too expensive in France! We are looking to achieve the cheapest option as we already run two woodburners which almost equates to a full time job! If there is anyone out there who can advise or suggest please have a look at the photo on our web site www.pictureburgundy.com There is a photo of the fireplace on the home page. Thanks, Catherine
  3. Thanks Chris, That's the one! I can now look the species up and see if they will survive the slaughter. However the rhyme 'ding dong bell' sprang to mind and I've just sung it to the cats whilst sitting by the well. [6] Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com
  4. My cats keep catching what looks like a cross between a rat and a racoon! Thay are lovely little things with black and white striped faces and a black tipped bushy tails. Unfortunately, the cats don't even eat them so kill for the sport. I'm concerned that the population will be severely depleted. Can anyone tell me a little more about these sweet little rodents? I haven't any information at all about them but know they are probably nocturnal.   Thanks, Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com
  5. We are currently running a painting holiday business in South Burgundy but are considering a move. Whilst we live in a really beautiful region the winters are quite cold and sometimes foggy and we would like to be open all year round.  The light in winter is not favourable for either outdoor painting or indoor without daylight bulbs etc. We just haven't the time to search the whole of France, so if there are any artists out there who think their little part of France would be suitable (good light and subject matter) we'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com
  6. Thank you, I've just had a quick look and it's just what I want and it's nice and simple.  Cheers, Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com
  7. I've been doing a Google search to try and find some user friendly statistics for tourism in France and can't seem to find anything useful. I'd like to find out the most popular destinations/regions, length of seasonal visits, visitor spend, transport statistics etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a brief synopsis about their region? This is just for my information/interest only so I can compare the rest of France to us here in Bresse, South Burgundy. Thank you, Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com
  8. We are in the South Burgundy region and opened officially at Easter. Our local tourist office manageress insisted she saw my papers showing that I had registered with the Ch d C. If not she wasn't prepared to see me or promote me. We have been told all along that we had to be registered as a chambre d'hote. We informed our Mairie about our intentions but they were pretty clueless about what we had to do which just proves they may not have had other people doing the same!  We have had to pay the Chambre de Commerce registration fees, have had to acquire the two licenses to serve breakfast and drinks with meals and are now receiving bills from URSSAF and have been registered for monthly cotisations for our sociale payments. These we are having to pay monthly whether we have clients or not. Also Sired (waste disposal) has upped our bill. I now wish we hadn't registered as we only have two rooms and have only just opened and as yet have few clients. This is our only source of business and it strikes me that the French government are not interested in supporting their tourism industry. As a new customer you would think they would be lenient with the fees and cotisations and give us a chance to get going before hitting us with every bill possible. Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com
  9. Our local gendarmarie arrived at our house yesterday and informed us that all chickens in the vicinity had to be enclosed indoors that very day. If not a fine of 700 euros per chicken could be incurred! We are in the East of France and are on the flight path of many migratory birds. My husband and I then spent the next 3 hours not only chasing our nine confused chucks around our garden but several of our neighbours as well. It's amazing how a threat of  9x 700 euros effects one's mobility! Needless to say there's always one who refuses to be caught! In the broad light of today we have had to make the decision to cull our two cockerels, one being a pure bred Pekin, the other being his son. Their small henhouse in which they usually only sleep is too small to confine them for several weeks together and we really don't want loads more chicks at this moment. Also, one of our elderly chucks, Chickadee, becomes a bit of a bruiser when she has to share close quarters! She may be the next to go. I'm a coward and hate anything to do with culling so hand them to our neighbour who can't understand why a fully grown women  turns into a blubbering wreck! We don't know how long we have to keep them confined, the 31st May has been mentioned, but have spent a horrible day cleaning out a not so nice location and have duly transferred reluctant chickens. I want to keep them as a) we have always had free range hens for eggs and b) I am always confident that our eggs are probably safer to eat than most others.Over the next few days I may feel differently depending on how they adapt to captivity. Having always had healthy chucks, I need a bit of advice about looking after chickens indoors. I have never had to deal with lack of calcium, mites, worms etc. Also, I'm finding it hard to locate woodchip bales. Local farmers only do the big bales of straw. Can anyone advise? Thanks, Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com ps. I'm not really a wimp and am probably a bit of a hypocrit because I do actually eat our chucks if our neighbour kills them...apart from Toffee and Bluey and............
  10. Thanks to all for your very useful advice. I have taken it all on board and will set to work on the web site which is our main form of publicity. I have been staring at it for weeks not quite knowing what to do and in which direction to head. So off I go..... Regards, Catherine www.pictureburgundy.com
  11. A big thanks to all replies. I've taken it all on board and am at this very moment attemting to alter my website. All the financial advice will prove to be invaluable I'm sure and I will definitely have a go with paypal. Thanks again, www.pictureburgundy.com
  12. Thanks Coco, I'm really pleased that you have responded to the contents of the website. It is quite hard to explain on a site that we are basically trying to run organised breaks such as the art holidays etc but are also prepared to do bed and breakfast only! I will attempt to alter the site to make it a little more comprehensive. When I do, perhaps you will give me some more feed back and I certainly need constructive criticism.  Having managed to almost restore this ancient timbered maison, with all the associated problems, serving three meals a day to guests on a six day break now seems like a doddle!  I have no fear. I now just need bookings!!!! Thanks,   www.pictureburgundy.com
  13. We have almost killed ourselves (husband fell off ladder on roof and I ripped tendon in foot and had to tile 3 bathrooms on crutches) to get our property up and running for painting holidays and Chambres d'hote. We realise we are about 3 months too late in advertising the business but the renovation works are still going on. Yesterday, we finished an area of the house and at last have a room to offer. The other 2 are almost ready. We have just signed up with Visit France and the first enquiry was one of the dodgy African emails. Oh good! We went into our local tourist office who wanted 40 euros to display our cards! Oh good! A friend who was going to visit and also pay us, has had to cancel. Great! Our website is attracting interest but is oh so slow. As we are working flat out still, we are not sure where else to market our business economically and quickly. Like everyone else we are in need of customers toute suite. Has anyone got any suggestions?   www.pictureburgundy.com
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