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  1. Sorry - I wasn't very clear was I....it's my foot!
  2. Thanks Wooly.  What I really mean though is how to discuss with a doctor whether or not I will be "weightbearing" or "non-weightbearing" after an operation - and I can't find what seems to be appropriate in any of the on-line dictionaries.
  3. Just wondered if anyone could tell me the French words for weight-bearing and non weightbearing.  I have ordered a couple of medical phrasebooks but they haven't yet arrived and I can't find the translation even in my super huge dictionary.
  4. Thanks very much for that.  I have just looked the surgeon up on the Ameli web site and he is conventionné secteur 1 so there shouldn't be any problems with that side of it.
  5. Is there a basic difference between the two?  I am probably going into the Polyclinique in Cholet for an operation on my foot and just wondered what the difference is between the two. Su
  6. If it's anything like the Saint Varent by-pass don't hold your breath!   Ours has been on-going for about 15 years with a selection of different routes being "flavour of the month" each year.  Every now and again we get the chance to vote on the alternatives and then it all goes back to the drawing board. Mind you, Chiché probably needs one more than us. Su
  7. I have always had a problem with Poolguys website in Mozilla Firefox and so used Internet Explorer where it was fine.  Just tried both and found exactly the same as you - just loading and chargement flashing.
  8. We have to collect 75cents per adult per night - unless they pay Taxe d'Habitation at another address in Deux-Sevres in which case they don't have to pay twice.  When it started the procedure for bringing back from UK people who had refused to pay it was explained to us and I said that if anyone did refuse I would simply pay it on their behalf and the Taxe de Sejour team were horrified - we must never pay it for them! It's not too onerous but as our gite is really only occupied during the late spring, summer and early autumn it would have to be a pretty low one off payment to equal that.
  9. We have had a few each year for the last three years - we just squash them as we find them and, touch wood, they dont appear to get any worse.
  10. I posted my reply earlier in the thread - from the Thouars office, so in 79....
  11. I sent an email to ours and got this response: Nature de la demande : IR revenus Objet de la demande : Demande d’information pratique ou rendez-vous Référence : TCHE-7RRGNB Traité par : Isabelle MOREAU, SA Bonjour Madame / Monsieur Madame, Le taux de change à retenir est celui au 31/12/08 à savoir 1,04986 pour convertir la £ en € cordialement, Isabelle MOREAU CDI de THOUARS Tél. 05 49 96 02 02 ______________________________________________________________________ Votre demande : Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir, s'il vous plaît, le taux de change de la livre sterling à retenir pour les revenus de 2008. Merci de votre assistance
  12. Virevolter - to twirl around....perhaps a complete change?
  13. Ours is going to be 8 years old this summer and up to now there has been no deterioration of terracing or anything obvious to us.  We changed the filtering medium to zeolite a couple of years ago and it has been even better than it was before (and we thought it was good then)- no greyish tint at all.
  14. We have been running our salt water pool for a number of years now using salt pastilles produced specifically for swimming pools.  Just wondering if anyone uses water softening pastilles?  On the bag it says Chlorure de Sodium. Are there likely to be any problems if that is used instead?
  15. I bet the faulty ones were just put back on the shelf for someone else to buy......
  16. 279 on sky........certainly looks cheesy!
  17. That'll be fuel duty in the UK then............... not a French thing.
  18. Suandpete

    A Sad Day

  19. Our ISP ia Orange and we have exactly the same problem.  luckily we have a yahoo address as well and the only way round it that we have found is to send to yahoo addresses from yahoo.
  20. We have quite recently discovered that we can receive radio 4 longwave on our car radio in Deux sevres (79).  it's a bit dodgy when you are driving past big overhead cables or in town centres - but it is really sureal (sp?) to drive around rural France listening to the Archers or womans Hour.........
  21. And the armed forces as well.  Apparently no overpayments will have to be repaid but the pensions which have been wrongly paid will be corrected from April 2009.
  22. Thanks for that - we have learnt some of those points through trial and error but it would have been much better if we had known about this video when we had our logburner installed.  I will try the top down method too.
  23. We brought one through Stansted on a Ryanair flight in our hand baggage on Monday last with no problems at all.
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