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  1. I have no personal experience of it, but there is one at Saint Pardoux which opened just a few months ago. http://pensionpourchiens-saintpardoux.com/accueil.html
  2. Wonderful news.  Any info on how he was found?
  3. We have a rescue dog who was found in the Dordogne during the rabies scare a few years ago.   She had to stay there for a month in between vaccinations and so we asked them to sterilise her while she was there - when the vet did the operation he discovered that she was pregnant and removed the pups at the same time.
  4. Are you sure that you can't fly?  The cheapie airlines don't do it but I'm sure Air France or BA would do it - at a price!
  5. Oops!   I certainly didn't intend to upset anyone. The vehicle in question now seems to be some sort of hybrid - it has one wheel at the front and two at the bank.  A fuel tank similar to a motorbike tank in front of the driver, a bench seat which seats two behind the driver and a reliant engine with a car type stick shift gear box; the three seats are open and there are no seat belts.   It appears to have been made as a hobby project. What difference would this make to whether helmets should be worn or not?  Does the fact that it appears to have a car engine and a car type gear box make it a three wheeler car? Su
  6. Does anyone know if helmets are required for drivers/passengers of three wheeled motor bikes?
  7. Just had a look at their web site and followed the link to their twitter page - they closed down at the end of May.
  8. Yes, you can buy one at the border - in fact they won't let you in if you don't!  They take euros with no problems at all.   We were last there at Christmas and fuel wasn't any cheaper then....
  9. The kitchen looks really good.   Does the cooker have a gas oven as well?  Very few seem to be available in white.
  10. Hi We are looking at replacing our gas cooker.  We have bought various items from Darty over the years and have no problems at all but they don't have a particularly good range of 90cm gas cookers.  Does anyone have any experience of buying anything from Ubaldi?  Or have you perhaps bought a cooker online and can recommend the company you bought from? Thanks in advance...
  11. Suandpete

    Eye tests

    Hi Plse can you send me the details as well. Many thanks
  12. Thanks Katie.  Frenchie - where is the Niort one?
  13. Suandpete

    english food

    Thanks ValB.  Quite a long way from here.  We do cure our own bacon and last time I tried English sausages I found them quite inferior to French ones - but maybe every once in a while for a change.....
  14. Suandpete

    english food

    Which Intermarche was it ValB?   
  15. Interesting how it seems to vary.  I spent ages trying to find a figure on the Ameli web site and gave up in the end.  I have a prescription for a month of visits so I guess if I don't get a bill at the end of the first week it is likely to be at the end of the month.  She swiped my Carte Vitale on her first visit in a portable terminal and hasn't asked for it since.
  16. How quick was that!  Thanks very much.
  17. I have recently had an operation and am currently having a nurse to visit daily to give me an injection, twice a week she also takes blood for a blood test. I realise that with the exception of the franchise the cost should be reimbursed by CPAM/my mutuelle - but I was just wondering what the normal cost per visit is? Thanks in advance.....
  18. I received one almost exactly the same - the part after: order information in the middle of the email is actually a link and I guess whoever sent it expects you to click on that link. I have also had about 5 dodgy emails today allegedly from paypal - I get them quite regularly but not normally this many.
  19. Hi The repair to the wall looks like a bigger job than we thought so we have submitted a claim anyway.  If the Pompiers do submit a bill it will be covered by the insurance.
  20. We live in the centre of a village and last night, during hurricane Xinthia, our lime tree fell down across our wall and onto the main road through the village.  It was fine at 3am and at 7am it was chain-sawed into big chunks!  it had fallen across the road and the pompiers had made it safe.   The wind was so noisy that neither we nor our two dogs heard the chain saw! We have maison and jardin assurance and may or may not decide to make a claim.  The wall is about 2 metres high and about 2 metres of it will need to be rebuilt but ny question is about the pompiers.  Presumably we can expect a bill for their call-out.  Does anyone have any experience of how much it is likely to be?   We have a franchise of 258 euros on our assurance and so will only claim if the costs are likely to be much more than that. thanls Su
  21. Or a French one: http://www.castorama.fr/store/Poulailler-Camelot-PRDm297106.html?navAction=jump&categoryId=&sortByValue=&isSearchResult=true
  22. Hi My husband is piggybacking on to my (retirement) E121 and I just rang the number on the letter to ask for an additional form for him as I only received one for me.  They obviously don't have a clue who is doing what - I spoke to several people.  I was simply assured that "I'm sure they will send out forms for dependants but I don't know who is sending them out".  I have decided to leave it for a week or two and see if one turns up in the post - we do have quite a while before the change actually takes effect. If nothing arrives by mid-Feb I'll start again!
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