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  1. Does anyone know how the current Inland Revenue drive to ensure full disclosure of offshore accounts will affect those of us who have a house in France, have bank accounts (current and savings) in France but are still resident in the UK? 

  2. you could try my friend Jan who lives not far from Carcassone. She is English but has excellent fluency in French and has done some work already with estate agents etc..

    Tell her you have been given her tel. number by Jocelyne. All the best.

    Moderator's edit: Please contact Yann by PM or email for contact details

  3. does anybody have any useful advice on how we could go about finding work as bilingual translators ? we would like to work freelance via the Internet.
  4. we are UK residents with a second home in France, can we stay in France more than 6 months within a year without any changes to our income/tax etc.. ?

  5. Prospective buyers interested in property north of the Loire might like to know that there is official recognition of a growing incidence of dry rot or, to give its French name, la Mérule, especially near coasts. The department of La Manche has even issued documents emphasising the need for vigilance. Contact me if you would like more details.[6]
  6. Is trouble brewing at Brittany Ferries? I recently went to book online and discovered that between 7 am and 9am the cost of the crossing I was after had gone up by 20%. When I phoned I was told that even the staff didn't know that prices were going up until they started taking bookings on the morning it happened. Are they in difficulties, and if so what are the prospects for the Western Approaches routes?

  7. Are Brittany Ferries telling members of the Property Owners Club that certain sailings are full so they can offer them to full-fare paying customers? I ask this because I recently made more than one enquiry for the same sailing, once as a member of the POC and once not as a member, and discovered that when I was a POC member prime-time sailings were fully booked (even for foot passengers) and when I was not a member of the POC the same sailing was not fully booked. Are Brittany Ferries being honest with POC members?
  8. yann

    income tax

    Does the ownership of a second home in France affect one's income tax in the UK ?
  9. yann


    While in Normandie this summer we saw, for the first time, a message painted onto the D650 the legend: NON A LA COLONNISATION [SIC] ANGLAISE. Has aanybody seen anything like this (with or without the double-N!) anywhere else in France?
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