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  1. Aghh !!  Had a thousand litres last week at 56 cents a litre. Delivery driver said that at it's peak last year, oil was €1.06 a litre
  2. Anyone know what's happening here. Haven't been there for a year and when I pulled in last week there was a massive caravan blocking the road in and a very emphatic closed notice. I know monsiuer passed away, but I thought madame was still running it. 

  3. I wouldn't bother. It's only the government taxes that they'll refund, not all the other charges. And they levy the admin fee per passenger, not per booking. 



  4. And there was me thinking how clever of you to create these




    It's why I love Ryanir. They get their own joke


    I vote for the bikini clad pilot 

  5. Many thanks,


    I'll set a diary note to lok for it next September and save a few euros

  6. The envelope is dated 22/01. It's been misdirected by the postal service, so has only surfaced now. Is this the tax that's levied in January, or is it definitely overdue. It's a complex route that the bill has followed and I'm dealing with it for the owner, who is visually impaired.

    I did suspect it was for late payment, as this has happened before. But that bill was paid at the local Tresor office, along with a change of address, so thay waived the surcharge   

  7. What is the Majoration de 10% sur solde component for ?
  8. Will we get a discount for checking in on-line ?

    Will the fee cover multiple visits or will we have to pay up each time ?

    Can I buy a season ticket ?

    Will I have to pay extra for paper ?

    Don't you just love O'Leary

  9. Don't forget


    You can work out every (almost) permutation of destination



  10. Central 87, though UK prices sounde reasonable compared to 54c in eurozone, considering current exchange rate.
  11. Blimey !!  I thought it would have come down a bit more by now. Thanks for the ino


  12. Anybody purchased this week ? I need to buy 2000 litres and would like a rough idea of current prices



  13. And have you noticed how they're always upstairs.

    If the IPA is off, they always put another ale on at 99p


  14. You can pick up a replacement remote for under a tenner on ebay
  15. Go to any forum that covers sports that use technical equipment and you´ll be amazed at how often these questions get asked. Climbing types are constantly asking whether they can bring stoves, axes etc. and bikes being broken down into manageable packages is another frequent question


  16. The travel trade is very keen to peddle the fantasy that they can protect you from currency fluctuations. Their small print enables them to surcharge if currencies fluctuate beyond certain levels. Wait for the uproar next summer if the pound continues to slide, they impose surcharges and then the pound rallies.
  17. Seat61 is the guru. I followed his advice and had a great trip last month spending a week travelling from London to Marrakech. He details all the tricks, for example how to book web tickets directly on the spanish network
  18. Happened to me last year with my hotmail account, immediately after I used the free access at the B&B chain.

    It was a week before I was able to settle somewhere and start the laborious process of updating virus software (just in case), asking this question on various forums through google etc. By now, they´d also stripped my address book and left it totally empty.

    I set up a new hotmail account in the interim and did a complete rebuild of my laptop as I was no longer confident that there wasn´t something hidden. I´m also using a different password technique, using letters, numbers and special characters. This is important, because once the bad guys gave identified a password, they then have software which generates versions of your original password, e.g. incrementing a suffix, 1,2 ,3 etc, or substituting numbers for letters, e.g. 0 for O or 1 for l. I use a phrase that is meaningless to anyone else but clear to me e.g. My pet cat dingo and me luv the living france forum becomes MpCd&moiLtLfF. Generating passwords randomly in sequence using real words would take a long time to crack this one. Admittedly, my password is a little shorter.

    I now get the occasional email of that type from people who were on my mailing list and have presumably received the same treatment I have.

    I´m very cautious these days about using my laptop on open networks     



  19. Seems the rules have moved on. 5 years ago you had to fit the correct headlights and an mph speedo. For my last 2 MOTs, I've been passed with a kph speedo and sticky bits on the headlights for my Zafira.
  20. So a 3 month old forum question dawned on me as I checked in tonight and  I asked the question......

    ....the systems at Limoges aeroport can't read the optical code on Ryanair online check-in paperwork, so they have to reprint lcal boerding cards.

    I thought the airline industry had standardised this sort of thing, but obviously not.....



  21. Don't forget to claim your cashback . My claim's in today's post


  22. Remind me, is that up or down over the last 6 months.
  23. Don't take cheap shots if you can't substantiate it.

    There is an ISO standard for country names and codes specifically for this purpose and if you find a site that offers you British, it's incorrect. So their web designers know exactly what they're doing.


  24. The deals are still there, my daughter booked herself and pal from Luton to Milan for £4, plus £16 for her debit card

    DNALLEY has posted Beziers Bristol for £2 under the TGV post

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