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  1. I've developed a technique that serves me well (OK, 90% of the time. Sometimes I can't resist responding).

    1. When a thread gets to the '(view all)' stage, it's time I wasn't interested. Very few subjects warrant that level of discussion unless they've developed into 'handbags at dawn'

    2. If certain posters who always want the last word are involved, it's time to 'mark' and move on. Let them have the last word.

    3. If posts included dissected 'reply with quote', an argument's brewing and I think the posters should transfer to using personal e-mail.

    Summer's nearly here and whatever depressive syndrome is haunting the newsgroup should lift as we all find something better to do with our lives (like not sitting here at 10:30 in the morning composing this)
  2. Les Herolles (I think technically 86, but only just over the border)on the 29th of every month fulfills all my needs. It takes half a day to walk around if you never stop aty a stall. Mind you, I think I'd avoid it during the summer, as in winter it's crowded enough
  3. Help please,

    For reason I won't go in to, I managed to let the heating system run to exhaustion and my fuel tank is empty.

    I'll be at the house for Easter and (hopefully) the tank will now contain oil. When this happened to me once in the UK, I had to 'prime' the boiler. I'll probably have to do the same 'en France'. But how?

    The BIG red box might be an 'OTTE' or a 'hofamat' (I've paperwork for both)and it has a yellow box bolted on low down which is an 'Ideal Standard MI 4'.
    I've bundles od low res photos for anyone who wants to see.

    Suggestions invited. I have a chauffage guy who'll pop in, but not until we've been there a week and I don't fancy a week without a shower.


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