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  1. Back on diesel after a few years of petrol. I have 1500km trip next month so thought I'd treat my engine to some premium fuel, bearing in mind how much cheaper it is compared to UK.. Curious to see if it provides any benefits.

    So, do any of the supermarket chains sell premium gazole, or will I have to stick to the brands?
  2. Don't assume you'll find a room in one of these that easily. They're the staple accomodation of white van man and other business travellers and are very busy during the week, often block booked by some companies, even if they don't actually use the room. Weekends are different and easier to find a room
  3. Fundamentally, your local Avis, Hertz etc. is a franchise and owns/leases all the vehicles. they therefore want them back when you've finished with it. If you leave it 500 miles away, they'll have to send someone to collect it and you'll have to cover that cost. If you want to do a one way hire that gives them too much grief, if easier for them to say no.

    There's a point at which they really don't need your business 

  4. Work on the assumption that Ryanair, Easyjet et al are offering a route and flight times for the season for which they've published them, either winter or summer. There's no guarantee that they'll fly there in subsequent seasons and a full plane is no indicator. If they get a better subsidy elsewhere, or more profitable traffic, the plane moves  
  5. You are correct; there is an in-built staircase. However, I've never seen it in use; I'm positive that, at Limoges for example, they always use 2 of the normal mobile stairs, one each fore and aft. I wonder if there's a timing element involved? The in-built ones look a bit flimsy, perhaps they're meant for crew use only?


    It's why Ryanair and many other low cost airlines use the 737, they can operate out of airports with limited ground facilities.

  6. You'll probably be fine - until your credit card expires. Make sure you can access your account to change payment details when the new card arrives. If the online functionality doesn't allow for this, because they expect you to be using your bank account, you'll then have a redundant doofer and a black mark on your account.
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