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  1. hi, would love to get together but am at the other end of country {can see spain out of the window].Pink floyd on my fender ok ,but ELP no way without asprin,more acoustic down here, but good jamming for the summer.
  2. I agree with what you have said about other French childrens) table manners, I had always heard stories of how french children had good table manners because the grand mother was always the one to instill them( dont know where i have read that) but having observed a few french children at parties and public functions i have seen some `dirty eaters`! But what i have noticed more in the few months we hace been living in france is that they ( the french ) are obsessed with`gouters` always sweet biscuits or chocolate spread butties as my children call them, and very close to when you know a meal is to be served or just eaten, we are reminded to send one to school for each recreation , even though they have had a good breakfast and come home for a full lunch and a meal in the evening, and the snacks i am told that they eat, dry beakfast cerial, chocolate drinks ,and when i ask do any take fruit? only me......almost makes me feel mean!
  3. does any one know of an English hairdresser near perpignan, my hair is desperate for a cut,normally I woulnt bother about the nationality for any other service , but my hair is unusual to the French, I am a young 40`s (enough said) but have had grey hair since young, have had various colours on in the past, but actually prefere it `au natural` which the French find strange,but I find their RED strange.just to divert, we were inCPAM offices in perpignan on Monday waiting to be seen to and commented to my hubby that if we were to be seen to by the lady with the RED hair I wuldnt be able to keep my face streight, guess which booth we were called to? I had to think of something really serious to keep me from grinning at her crowning glory! anyway English hairdresser any one, have car will travel!
  4. can any one help here, Yesterday lunchtime,when I met my 6 year old off the bus she had a note to say there wasnt any school that afternoon because she had no teacher..no problem. Today at quarter past eleven I received a phone call asking me to collect her from school,Is she ill i asked, no the school is closing she said, I asked if she could come back on the bus at noon, no there is no bus ,I have no car todayso it will be half an hour( and have you seenall the rain in 66?) no sooner please she said ,do you have a neighbour? so of I went to ask favours,collected my daughter and decided to go andwait at the eldest childs school around the corner,nearly mid day by now ,only to be waved in by the director,their school is closed as well, he had been trying to ring me whilst I was out. The gist of the bit he was prepared to tell me was that it is something to do with the prefacture??? any one know anything please
  5. I thought i had writen your posting in the middle of the night when I should be fast asleep and not worrying my self to death, as your writing echoes my thoughts ,so take consolation in that your not on your own in your thoughts. We had also planned to arrive en famille en france for the rentre but as you know ` best laid plans `and all that!, so my husband in his wisdom decided it would be a brilliant idea for me to go to france with our two girls aged 5 and 10 and book them into school, we are in a small village whee no one speaks English ( and wht should they ?), I do speak french but not as good as hubby and even then we tend to work as a double act ! I know exactly what you mean about all those boxes ,as to throwing things away I have filled two wheelie bins every week for the past month with junk we had amassed.we go this tuesday so think of me on wednesday when I am trying to book my girls on the school bus, school diners,buy insurance etc let you know how we go on !!!!!!!!
  6. Im with you Jongleuse on this one a massage,childcare ,meal for two , Flunch or otherwise with wine and pud with change !,Jongleur and mr Opas must be related!!! let me see,... are we suited to move to France in the next few weeks 1,the climate .2,the wine. 3,the economic climate (personal view)4, the lifestyle, any thing has to be better than mr Opas getting up at 4.30 am and sitting in a traffic jam all day on the M62( people living in this area will now be nodding their heads)5,we have a beautifull home waiting in the Pyr Orientals 6 Why wait? anyone need persuading ? I can and Mr opas would charge a decent living allowance to do so ,.. but not in 66 we are moving to get away from it all!!!! no offence folks.
  7. opas


    MY 5 year old daughter has to have her shoes supplied by the NHS as she has two different sized feet in width and in length and has one leg shorter than the other. Can any one out there please help ? does the French Orthotics system provide shoes or will we have to do as we do here if we want something different ie visit a shoe outlet( clarkes) and have two pairs split from stock paying for a pair and half again ,then visit the clinic for the raise to be added for the height adj.
  8. opas

    Specialist shoes

    our daughter has a multi-diciplined syndrome ,which is managed by various specialists,ie cardiologist,nephrologistand a podiatrist ? and has shoes suplied by our local hospital and a raise put on for a lengh discrepancy. Anyway without going into too mch detail about her ,can any one help us to find out where our starting point is to get her into contact with the relevent specialists she needs to see once we finaly move to france . Iwould prefere to do the ground work befor we move
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