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  1. Mookey, If you are going to make a complaint, do it in writing. to both the maires office and the Gendarmes.  You are risking your health putting up with this, you will stress yourself out and make yourself ill.

    Do you have someone in your commune on the commitee who you could invite for the evening and somehow persuade them that they should stay a bit longer..........so they can witness the noise and nuisance you have been putting up with.


    I shall just add at this point that I sent my neighbour a letter and a copy to the maires office stating what I intended to do if they could not keep their noise down, ie build a wall and reduce their terrace size..........we have had a month of peace and neighbours who I have not even mentioned this to are asking if I am going to build a wall(so obviously this has been a talking point)   Now I have opened my mouth, there will probably be one hell of a fete this weekend!

  2. I had a discussion with the lady doctor I work for about this last year, aparently It can be tested for in your blood  to see if you are suffering the effects of the mennopause........
  3. [quote user="TWINKLE"][quote user="opas"]

    He has already had one letter and tomorrow he will be getting another, but my pice de resistance is that nealy a metre of his 1st floor terrace (where they like to party)_ is actually mine, one of those silly land divisions that went on years ago, Well i am going to tell him that we are going to claim it back and build a legal 1.9m wall on it........that will give us more privacy , take half his terrace...read party area, and take his view away as his patio door is ther, and we can do it. [/quote]

    Blinking 'eck!

    I'm glad I don't live next door to you Opas![:D]


    I would happily listen to your voice seerenading me off to sleep, than listen to beat music, concouse de crache(spitting) tabble banging , yelling and screaming, then the cars go with blaring horns and the drivers are all pissed.........me ever the mum hoping they do not have a  crash as the kids are in the cars too!


    as usual Cat, some very usefull sites to look at and throw at the maire and them too!_

  4. Go to your Maires office, make a porte plainte against the noise. I should leave the canabis stuff out of the equasion for now, thatcomes after the next party! then you take a visit to the police muliciple and the gendarmes.


    I know exactly how you feel as we too have a neighbour who likes to party, he is in a 2 bed house with less than 80m2 of living space with his wife and teenage son, on a weekend they hve been known to squeeze 20 people into their house and blast us out till all hours......last night being an example. He has already had one letter and tomorrow he will be getting another, but my pice de resistance is that nealy a metre of his 1st floor terrace (where they like to party)_ is actually mine, one of those silly land divisions that went on years ago, Well i am going to tell him that we are going to claim it back and build a legal 1.9m wall on it........that will give us more privacy , take half his terrace...read party area, and take his view away as his patio door is ther, and we can do it. That said , if he can agree to stop his fetes at 11pm then I too can be reasonable.

  5. I am being a little previous or just plain catty? is there a little bump around her middle?
  6. Does anyone remember Debra , the poster who bought some fishing lakes?  She already had 2 children who had been born in the UK and had a baby in France.....from what I recall, she was not impressed with the way her baby was birthed.
  7. [quote user="Sunday Driver"][quote user="ErnieY"]

    Where on earth does one get a €500 note by the way, I've not seen one yet [8-)] [:D]


    Nobody will accept them because they're usually all fakes.....[;-)]




    From the bank , I did mention this lady is Danish and is not short of a bob or two. Which doesn`t mean to say that she is happy to part with a 50 Euro note in exchange for an argument.

    So the concesus is that she should have asked them to call the police , I beleive she has nothing to hide.

  8. Thank you Benjamin, those were my thoughts.
  9. I understand that forged noted have to be taken out of circulation. What I cannot understand is how somone can take a note from someone else and declare it forged on the spot , without proof! Surely it is for the Banque de France to decide, so surely a receipt should be issued untill clarification has been received from the bank.  That is the way I am familiar with, I am not saying that I would be any happier if I was given a bit of paper intead of a forged note, but at least I and my friend would know that no other fraud has taken place.
  10. Would I be correct in reporting this to the Police municiple nearest to where we live , I was thinking of taking my friend along this afternoon . I suppose I could find the one nearest to the store, but that is in Perpignan about 15 k from where we live.
  11. What is the law here regarding forged notes?

    I have a Danish friend and yesterday she was telling me that she went shopping on wednesday, handed over a 500 euro note in Leroy merlin got 300+ notes back in change and went across the road to Auchan to buy something else. When she gave in a 50 euro not she noticed the girl checking more than the usual feel and look that is given to a note. She then noticed it had a tear in one corner and thought that was the reason for the scrutiny so offered her another which was refused. The assistant said it was fake and that she was keeping it. My friend has very basic french and probably went from french to Danish to English in equal quantities. Someone else was called and they too said they were keeping the note, she showed them her receipt of Leroy Merlin(about 10 mins old) and the rest of her purse but they were not budging(she wanted the note back to try and get somewhere in Leroy ) now my friend says that in Denmark if this happens , the store has to give a receipt for the money so it can be checked with the bank. I Know this used to happen when I worked in a supermarket in UK............but Auchan have a 50 euro note now and my friend cannot prove it!


    What can she do and what should any of us do if it should be our misfortune next time?

  12. Have you read your pack of cruncy nut?   look for the email/web address and write and ask the company if they are stocked in france. I wrote to Nestle as I could only get honey cheerios( my daughter loved th orinary ones) and found that they do not export to france.



    She has lost her taste for them now due to having to eat something else instead!

  13. Superb help and advice, but why can we not vote in the Canton election?
  14. We are barking up the same tree Oscar, to make it clearer the people I object to are on an independante liste, not the Maires liste, can someone explain in plain terms what we do with the listes on Sunday?


    Mr O had a chat in the street the other day with our Maire, he mentioned that he had had a letter from these people(the ones I do not want in charge of anything to do with my life) saying that they were not viting for him....M le Maire obviously knew they were standing on an independant liste, Le Maires adjunct who has been a helped us a lot in the few years we have been here, when asked, joked to Mr O that he should just put Mle Maires list in the envelope and do nothing with it.....ie vote our present liste in again.

    Confused? you bet.

  15. I understand that bit, but if there are only 2 lists that have these 2 offending peoples names crossed out  WILL IT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE? or do I have to go on a campain of my own to tout up other voters to cross them off too?

    I really do feel strongly on this.

  16. We received our voting papers yesterday, Now I am really confused as I had a particular person in mind to vote for sue to his statement of family values etc.........then today I bought our local paper and there was photo in there of his equipe, one is on a charge for assaulting Mr O and his wife is named too......she regularly gives her kids such a crack I am supprised he hasn`t got brain damage!
  17. Jura, Last year around this time we were thrilled that our village was one of the checkpoints for a ralley of vintage cars of every desdcription. They started arriving in our village around 22.00hrs and the last one checked in late just after midnight. There were bentleys ,Capris , Astin , Austins , you name it  and it was probably there. They started out in Perpignan and drove to various points through the night. Now I will probably make a real faux pas here, my daughters were histerrical last time I said this........it was called the `nuit de capots longues or nuit de longues capots[:-))]  the night of long bonnets



    It has been pointed out to me over lunch by Mr O that the ralley was probably classic more than Vintage.......still a sight for sore eyes though .

  18. 1    We lived in Oldham and decided we wanted to learn to sail so booked a week onboard course around Plymouth.  After 5 days of some pretty rough sailing weather we decided we would spend a night in a guest house , so we drove around a few streets looking for vacancies signs, there was a parking place right outside one and it looked clean and tidy so we went in. We were shown to a room and decided we would have a wash and to look for a restaurant . As we passed the lounge area I heard an older womans voice and joked to Mr O that she sounded just like the woman from the laundrette around the corner from our house (I had had a few run ins with her in the past over naughtily sneaking in to use only the dryers[Www])

    The next morning we were eating our cooked breakfast when this voice boomed from the kitchen `anyone want any more toast?`  I froze as Mr O said he would have some.......the landlady arrived with the toast so I asked her who the lady was ........Oh she said , thats my mum shes come from Oldham to have a holiday with me...............


    2    A few years later we bought a yacht and worked our way around the Med, we were in Larnaca in Cyprus and met a lady I used to work with, we were having a drink together when her mate and husband turned up..........she was a friend of my mum!


    3    We own another house in our village ,we had lived here about 3 years and someone had mentioned there was a holiday home owed by an English couple on the same small road as our other house.  One day Mr O met them whilst doing he was doing some renovation works, they got talking and it turns out that he had been a project manager at a factory I had been a manager at........when Mr O told me later and mentioned this mans name I could picture his face.........out of a workforce of about 1500 people!

  19. Not messy at all, try it, it really is as easy and clean as Cathy says.
  20. Definatly time to look for another dentist when you cannot get treated when in pain. Another option when you KNOW you have an abcess is to go to the doctor and get an atibiotic from them........I have done that with one of my girls and made an appointment with the dentist too.
  21. I suppose it depends on what you are buying.

    Certainly the price of a litre of milk, kilo of pasta and flour and the price of cheese have shot up over the past month or so. I also bought Apple juice (brick not fresh) the other day and that had risen from 46cents to 69 cents.

  22. Cotes du Roussillon.........or red wine to you!
  23. Is my computer on the blink? the first post in this thread simply says  `hi `


  24. Is my computer on the blink? the first post in this thread simly says  `hi `


  25. Ain`t that the truth!


    And if you want something that looks pretty it always comes underwired, if you want something without wires you have to buy one with a big double seam across the cup.......Yuk!

    On a recent visit to the Uk both myself and my daughter spent a few hours looking ,trying on and buying in Peacocks and Ethel Austin.

    I think the best thing for the OP to do is to go int a shop that does measuring/fitting and unfortunatly pay through the nose.........that said the sales are on .  And then stock up in UK when next there.

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