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  1. [quote user="teapot"]If you look up whilst you are typing you will be able to spell blonde correctly, of course it will not help you with apple but you could ask a grown up.[:D][/quote]

    Sticking keyboard .........no rude comments please!

  2. What does a blone do at the Cinema?










    look for the telecomande!



    What do you call a blone with an apple on her head?






    An aple tart!








  3. Our daughter has recently had quite a serious op done on one of her knees. 2 weeks into recovery time she is struggling with getting her knee to bend and is walking asthough she is in plaster. She has been isued witha letter for college saying she cannot do sport for 60 days.

    She is going back for a follow up next friday, I will not be able to accompany her , but have been banging on at her dad and her to ask if she is allowd to go swimming. She will be getting aon ordinance for physio. Last time I visited our local pool there was aphysio guy there with a lady , they were sat in the middle pool (about 3 feet of water) and he was massaging her legs (I wondered what the heck they were up to at first....)


    Keep up the good work Coops and coops 2.



  4. [quote user="opas"]

    Our meter was read a few weeks ago, then the bill arrived. Mr O nearly burst a blood vessel!  The reader had read: 28*** instead of 26***, when I went on their site to update and rectify this , it wouldn`t let me as it said I HAD Recule!!!

    So eventually after trying to ring the number for readings etc 6 times in one day I finally got through about 10pm.........still awaiting a new bill though.


    We received our facture about 3 weeks ago after the man had been around the village "reading" and Outie nearly burst a blood vessel It was about 150 euros more than usual and with it being a summer bill immediatly I thought that the electic BBQ was to blame but no, on reading the meter properly the guy had "read" 28*** intead of26***
    So I went online and tried to correct it but I got a message saying I had turned the clock back! of course I had as it was read wrong, so I filled in the little box in the " contact us " section explaining what had happened and received a standard reply saying they would get back to me. They didn`t. So a few days later after trying to phone several times during the day without success I finally got through about 9pm, again went through all the rigmarole.
    Today we had an automated call just after noon....we were lucky we answered as usually it is double glazing or woodworm people touting for business at this time. It said that as we hadn`t paid our bill they were going to charge 40 euros to reconnect us (obviously we have not been disconnected ) and would we like to settle the bill plus the extra now by carte bleue......er no thanks.
    Outie cooly ate his lunch while I was panicking that the supply would go off as we ate, and then he phoned them.
    Oh they had on record the email and the phone call, but no one had treaded it as each thought the other was dealing with it, super!

    Hopefull a new bill will arrive in a couple of days, with a more pleasing amount on it.


  5. I have only just seen this thread.

    I too can recommend the Hotel Vilobi parking, we have used it twice. It is less than acouple of mins walk to the terminal and there are usually trolleys nearby if you have heavy luggage.


  6. Our meter was read a few weeks ago, then the bill arrived. Mr O nearly burst a blood vessel!  The reader had read: 28*** instead of 26***, when I went on their site to update and rectify this , it wouldn`t let me as it said I HAD Recule!!!

    So eventually after trying to ring the number for readings etc 6 times in one day I finally got through about 10pm.........still awaiting a new bill though.

  7. opas

    Pumpkin puzzle

    Lucky you.

    I planted around 10 seeds (shop bought) and have got lots of beautifull flowers on them but no fruit. They are in a place with plenty of water, I trimmed them down at one point hoping to get a fruit on, but not a one!



    Where am I going wrong?

  8. Fame at last Cat!

    Whilst my eldest and I were in Auchan buying some books for the rentree we had a snigger about all the "must have" items for the rentree. Auchan (as did the other supermarkets) had notices on EVERYTHING , rentree this and rentree that, my daughter spotted one on the fixture for goats cheese log......... "what are we supposed to do with that? write with it"  she laughed........

  9. I am desperatly bidding on EBay for a Nintendo......So if any of you are also bidding for one, can you stop it please `cos my daughters needs are greater than yours! 
  10. opas


    [quote user="odile"]sadly, French doctors, like French teachers, are not taught to be good doctors - the only qualities valued by the system is theory, theory, more theory - bedside manners and psychology are irrelevant. In fact most French medical students never meet a patient during their training, and promotion is only related to 'concours' and more theoretical exams (same in teaching). Not good for patient/doctor relationships, I'm afraid.

    I am sorry but i beg to differ.

    In theory they are probably taght parrot fashion , just are the kids in school, but when all is said and done the doctors are humans.......you can meet a misserable shop assistant and a very helpfull one within the same store! same goes for doctors.....we met a few misserable ones in Uk and the same goes for some French ones.


    I have to say with honesty though that over the years that we have had to go to see Proffs, doctors and nurses with our daughter we have met human beings.........the exception to this being the "Boss"!  the receptionist at the Orthetics dept at la peyronne , Montpellier, boy is she a dragon and even our daughter now has her guard up when waiting our turn and she is on duty.


    Our daughter has had a few stays  in hospital both in UK and France, we both prefere French hospitals as we get single/double rooms and not a ward with every child watching/listening to either a different dvd/video/playstation game[blink] untill all hours. The food from what I can remember is also far superior in France and eaten in a more civilised way....on the childrens ward in Uk we had to have it at our bedside table, in France the same can happen if bedbound but if not can be enjoyed in a communal area with a very civilised glass of wine for the adults!

    She is penciled in for another Op for October, she is very possitive about her impending visit, I shall stay with her.


  11. [quote user="ErnieY"]Not making any suggestions of malfeasance but it might be wise to recollect and remember that everything we've heard about his affair has been exclusively from one (aggrieved) side, and 2nd hand to boot [;-)]



    It may also be wise to read from the page where It says that he was released on the same document he was arrested on!  That is now a side issue, there are far more important things to take issue with, starting with a police doctors report and video surveylance cameras[blink] and Police internal affairs who have now started thier investigation


    Those cannot be tampered with .........not by us anyway!

  12. OH dear!  I would hate to be your spouses. I beleive everything my hubby has told me, and guess what? It appears the courts did too...no case to answer on Mr Os side. The police now have to justify their behaviour to their investigation board.
  13. We are looking to switch providers for the phone and internet. I feel we are paying way over  the top. orange/wanadoo at about 25 euros per month and FT comes in aroound 60 euros per 2months.........I make international calls via callserve! so all these charges are quick local calls and charges.


    Have I read the site correctly? 35 euros per month for internet(unlimited) and phone calls/landline.   If so I shall be filling in the forms in a couple of hours.

  14. During a conversation yesterday with a fellow Brit the subject of RMI  came up. This other persaon said that I must have heard wrong , I was saying that if someone is claiming RMI etc that they didn`t have their Capital/Savings taken into account only the interest from those savings.

    Which of us is right, or is it not as clear cut as that.  Or is it means tested like the UK, ie a cut off point..


  15. [quote user="The Riff-Raff Element"]Out of interest, who gets the money from the car pound? HMG? The police? The local authority? Or is it some private setup?

    In a novel, of course, it would be secretly owned by a shadowy consortium of senior police offices who would bung a pony to any uniformed plod who could haul in a baffled foreign motorist unsure of their rights in the matter and lock their car up for a week while the slow wheels of justice turned on. "Mr Big" would, naturally, be a High Court Judge.

    But what happens to the cash in the real world?

    Forcing someone to pay up for impounding their car when it is subsequently found that they have no case to answer is just outragous.


    You and I must have gone to the same school of thought!

  16. The last few post on here would not affect Outie, seeing that he goes to UK and drives for a UK company, he would expect that if he commited an ofence he would be treated accordingly.

  17. I screamed once when I went into a bathroom:

    We were in Monastir Yacht Marina for the winter. There were plenty of shower cubicles and one huge bath in its own room. I missed not taking a bath , so this was a weekly luxury to be able to go and soak instead of a quick daily shower.  I walked in there one evening with Mr O in tow....I stepped through the door first and let out one almighty yell, Mr o rushed forward to see and set off laughing....there was a huge squid/octopus in there, water and all! One of the port police had caught it earlier in the day and was preserving it there untill he went off duty!

  18. No.

    We will receive a letter, but the solicitor said he had received a standard letter saying there was insufficient evidence!  

    Once that letter is in our hands the IPCC will take over their investigation, which will be interesting as our evidence is sufficient .

  19. [quote user="opas"]

    The OUTCAST is free..........no case to answer. He has been told he has to produce a copy of his travel document , which he didn`t have because for some reason Our computer chose not to download the info so he just wrote his confirmation number down. so I shall contact norfolkline to see if they will fax a duplicate through to the relevent department. And an english translation of his green card so I am off to see the chocolate fireguard at Groupama in a mo.


    Big thankyou to all who supported me and my family through this , and a big Raspberry to the not so nice people, you each know which category you fall into!





    Update: We have just had a phone call from the solicitor. We sent all documents requested by the courts but the arresting officer had a problem with these, and Outie was due to appear in court of Friday( we had not booked a flight for hi as we were so convinced it would be all cleared up by then!)   After us making a few phone calls to the solicitor , CPS and the IPCC it appears he has had a change of mind. The case has now officially been dropped.



  20. If the OP is still looking in:

    Over the years of being a member of this forum  I think I am afe in saying that I have been given and taken a lot of flack. Silly nitpicking over spelling or grammar or serious spats with posters and ex-posters. I have thrown in the towel a few times and drifted back to look in. If this forum is not for you anymore then take a break, keep in contact with those who have been valuable to you.

    I have taken some very good advice from this forum and hope that I have given a little in return as I am sure you have. If some posters or threads get on your nerves, steer clear, if someone comes on jibing at you , ignore them.


    PS love the Harry Enfield clips!

  21. Last Saterday we paid 1 euro 32c per litre at La Jonquera.

    We had been for a day out to the beach, try some new spanish wines which seem to have improved greatly over the years, another thing we also stocked up on  was Gouda and parmessan! the gouda is nearly 1 euro 50 per kilo cheaper than France........

  22. The monitor is still going strong, touch wood! we still do not have a jockey wheel  althought we did get a new spare wheel and tyre for a couple of euros, but my latest brill bargain which I have just washed , ironed and put away for autumn is a Von Dutch sweatshit/zipper jacket with a hood for the youngest ( nearly 11 but tall for her age so this one is ladies S). Looks brand new, she loves it and cannot wait for cooler weather. I have just nearly had a fit when I saw the price on their website for a similar jacket. I paid 1 euro!
  23. So does that mean that the Minimum on cheques emploi witll be increased too?
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