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  1. I have serached the forum for this topic - and got a 0! SO here goes: What is involved in becoming a french citizen - the only thing I have heard is that you have to be resident for 5 years. Anyone know the details, and if you give up the UK passport (not a problem) Many thanks Don Gers - the paradise on earth
  2. Peter Mayle's "Hotel Pastis" is a favourite of mine; however I do agree about the CD books, the second was a self indulgent release of misery for her miscarriage - not what I wanted to read about over many chapters!
  3. "How anyone can find killing beautiful creatures such as deer pleasurable is totally beyond me" what is beauty to some is a flea ridden nusiance to others(and not necessarily animals!) I enjoy hunting, but I really like the food it provides - venison, delicious sanglier - and there is nothing better then a plateful of alouette and chips! You canot buy alouette or grives in the shops, so I have to shoot them to fill the freezer! Don
  4. I went on my first chevreuil hunt yesterday - unfortuneately  didnt manage to shoot anything - the deer kept well away from my bit of battue! But the 5 course repas afterwards was excellent - with all the various aperitifs, wines and digestifs - I slpet very well last night!  Through joining the local hunt (I passed the very strict Permit de Chasse in August) I have met 25 new local French people I probably would never have come into contact with - and a very friendly lot they are. Je suis tres content dans le Gers!
  5. you could try Bank of Scotland, I have both a Cahoot and a BOS savings account (BOS are paying more at the moment) and they don't seems to mind a French address - I have just given them my (temp) French address this afternoon. Don
  6. I asked both of my banks about transfering money to my "new" French account - Alliance & Leicester said I could not transfer funds through their internet bank - their International side said I would have to speak to them every time - the charge would be 25 for every transfer! Yorkshire bank quoted 22 and I would need to put each request in writing and take it into the branch. Old fashioned or what! Needless to say I shall not be using either of these banks, I an considering just drawing out the cash and taking it over my self! Don
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