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  1. A ha... I tried to find this before I posted the last comment. This is from www.millstream.dsl.pipex.com/law/libelcheck.shtml : ---------------------- Libel is the publication of a statement which exposes a person to: Hatred, ridicule or contempt or which causes him to be shunned or avoided or which has a tendency to injure him in his office, trade or profession in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally. ------------------- I don't think the level of hatred, ridicule or contempt will vary just because the conviction is manslaughter not murder. Neither do I think using the wrong word will injure him at work (especially as he doesn't know what that last word means)
  2. My understanding of the law on defamation is that for libel to stand up, Philpott's reputation will have to have suffered. I'm not sure that "in the eyes of right thinking people" (the legal test) people will think any worse of him whichever word is used. I'm usually very careful about libel, but on this occasion, I don't think you could say anything about him that would damage his reputation!
  3. Nah, We should all use UTC the world over. (Or, more to the point GMT! :-) ). But if we do need to zone I'm not sure I agree that all of Europe should be one time zone.... other regions cope with multiple time zones.
  4. This clock changing farce does annoy me. We don't get an extra hour in bed, we just get up later and go to bed later. So why do we pretend that the time is different? In Scotland School ought to start at 9.30 UTC and in London it should start at 8.30 UTC and everyone that needs to communicate with Europe should start work at 7.00 UTC while as those who need to deal with the USA should start at 10.00 UTC. We don't all need to do things at the same time any more.
  5. [quote user="NormanH"]And this is what happens when the fat pigs (cf WB's post about France) of the private sector get a sniff of the trough ... NHS born 1945 Privatised by the Tories 2012 http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/sep/16/health-firms-nhs [/quote] Thing is NormanH, the article is from the Guardian, a paper with a left bias, so they will have written it from that angle. Although the journalist will have researched the subject, they will have ignored any facts which don't quite fit the thrust of the story that they wanted to write. To get the whole story, people need to read something with a right bias as well (exercising both open mind and pinch of salt for both sources of information).
  6. Sorry if I'm repeating any details (but I've skimmed some of the posts). I understand it thus:- Snow chains will be useless for thundering down the motorway to the resort. You are not supposed to go very fast in them, so you don't "need" to get them in the UK. (see point lower down) On some mountainous roads you must have them. However, if the only mountainous road you plan to use is into the resort and then do nothing til you leave, remember that they will get that road as quickly as they can. I'm not suggesting that you could chance it if they haven't had fresh snow for days as that would not be responsible of me. You mustn't use them when there isn't any snow, they are more likely to break and damage your car. (If there was 100 yards of tarmac and then deep snow again, you'd have to decide whether to take a very slow chance or not) Most of the big supermarkets in mountainous France will sell you a pair a lot cheaper than the AA or Halfords. Unless you have very big wheels. I once hired a car with big wheels and I couldn't get cheap chains. Even if the road is clear of snow, a bolshie gendarme can stop you on "you must have chains" roads and demand to see them. (This is why I can't suggest that you chance it) In 10 years of owning a cottage near a resort, I don't think I've ever had to put them on in France, but like the others, I've got lots of different sized sets. I always buy the cheap ones because I change car before they wear out. Nor have I been challenged by a Gendarme. I know this has been said. If possible practice in day light... in the supermarket car park if necessary (But if possible, read the instructions and play with them in a nice warm bar, then go out and practice on the car). I did have to put them on in North Devon once and couldn't remember how.... it was horrible.
  7. She unknowingly gave birth????? So like, she just carried on doing what ever she as doing and suddenly somebody said "Oi, what's this baby doing here?" and she turned and said "Oh... is that what happened".
  8. [quote user="Hoddy"]I can't believe some of the comments here. A man and his wife on a private holiday in a private place and some creep decides to take photos of the wife's breasts and publish them in the papers. This is not allowed even in the UK. A couple of 'celebs' have threatened to sue and have received out of court settlements because the newspapers were afraid to go to court. This happened before Leveson was even thought about. Are we really saying that no woman is allowed to sunbathe topless anywhere unless she wants her photo taken and published ? It's beginning to sound a bit like the 'she was asking for it' argument to me. Hoddy[/quote] Well said.
  9. From the way it was been reported, it seems more realistic to say that the officer was reminding/advising the boy that there are Racists around and, sadly they boy will have to contend with that. If that is right, the officer was quite correct and being responsible. If the officer said that he/she didn't respect the boy because of his colour, then the officer was racist. I tend to think that the mother is "playing the race card".
  10. It beggers belief. I'm really annoyed, under normal circumstances I'd probably shrug my shoulders in a gallic manner, but every time I think of that poor little girl who must have been beside her self with fear....
  11. I was originally going to put a sarcastic comment that the Special Investigators could have driven from Paris in the time it took them.... it seems they did come from Paris. I can understand the department may not have it's own Specialist Forensic team, but surely the Rhone Alpes Region would have had people in Lyon?
  12. Sadly, that was my first thought as well! I hope that they put in a bit more effort into duty of care now they have both girls. Yes, I hope that whoever is responsible is caught and dealt with.
  13. I suppose I can understand the gendarmes wanting to preserve the crime scene until the special investigators arrived, but you'd think they would have had enough of a look to see and rescue, that poor little girl. How come it took 8 hours for them to get there? In my view, that poor mite suffered for far longer than necessary due to Police incompetence.
  14. I'm not very well informed on US politics, but did hear Romney say that Obama hadn't delivered all his promises, well, is it not true that Romney's party STOPPED some of Obama's promises from being implemented?? If that is true, he's got a ********y cheek.
  15. Am I right in remembering that there is a place south of Paris which translates (politely) as Toilet in the Woods?
  16. I seem to recall my late father telling me that, in days of yore, the medical profession would help people die. The trouble is, these days we have so much official accountability. On one hand that is good because the like of Harold Shipman must not be allowed to exist, but on the other hand it's a shame because an old fashioned Doctor probably would have given him a bit too much medicine....
  17. Are they protected in France as per the UK?
  18. I too like to touch a feminine side.
  19. Absolutely brilliant idea to give the crowning moment to the young unknowns. Just fitted in with the "inspiring the next generation" message so well, Danny Boyle had obviously give things a great deal of thought. Good on him.
  20. [quote user="Pickles"]Are you allowed to use the term "olympic" in "olympic workshop"? [/quote] I think we've got away with it.
  21. [quote user="cooperlola"]Not that I'm amongst them, but surely somebody must be looking forward to the games as they seem to have sold a lot of tickets.  To read the press/Facebook/fora etc, you'd think nobody at all was interested.  I'm off to Belgium.[:)][/quote] Ermmm, I'm not "looking forward" to them, but I am glad them are around - I'm normally quiet in the summer term but Primary Schools have been going mad for our Olympic Workshop, so I've been earning! Yippee (does that make me one of the evil fat cats that are gaining from them ???)
  22. [quote user="Pickles"]There are many anecdotes turning up concerning this shambles. [/quote] And G4S doesn't come out of many of them looking too good. A friend has just posted this on Facebook. security guards are 'failing to turn up' for work at Olympic sites - I wish they would stop putting it like that - my brother-in-law has a job doing Olympic security with G4S - he has his badge and security clearance to the highest level - they dragged him from Leeds to London at his own cost on his son's birthday party to pick up his security badges - but he has no work schedule or start date - in fact every time he rings they say he has to do some training - then he says they have already seen his certificate for that training (he has all his security training certificates and is a highly experienced guard) - then they check & say 'oh yes, so you do', wait for an email - then he waits and then rings them up.............. you get the picture!!!!!!!
  23. Probably one of the most important things to remember is that Eurovision started because the European Broadcasting Union wanted to do "something".... "anything" to test / demonstrate it's capabilities on joined up thinking. I guess that "We" will not pull out because the BBC want to be part of the technological developments, but I guess they don't want to host it as it is too darn expensive. That means they will pick naff songs to make sure they don't win and pick up the tab next year.
  24. I'd avoid the set up disk option if you possibly can, it will load up lots of other **** that you don't want. I'll see if I can find the easy step by step instructions and post them here for you (but if anyone else knows them, please "beat me to it".)
  25. Serif do stop calling you if you take the **** out of their formulaic script enough. But I still get too many emails from them :-(
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