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  1. [quote user="idun"]I believe it was opas (wife) who said that her husband had been arrested in the UK driving a french lorry......... something along those lines. I cannot remember what happened subsequently, if in fact we were told. JohnM any news on the Turin freight line. I have spoken to friends and they seem to know nothing at all, when in fact I reckon that the line will be very very close one particular friend's son's home. [/quote] Hi Idun, yes I had a search yesterday evening and found her name which rang a bell, but I couldn't find the thread. I seem to recall that a night or 2 in the cells were included in the story. There is a lot of access tunnel work going on at St Martin de la Porte (near St Michel de Maurienne) and they are certainly doing major earth works at St Jean de Maurienne where the tunnel goes under (I think they had to realign the motorway slightly to give access to the bit of mountain they want to go into) and extra sidings are going in in La Chambre (presumably because some of the sidings in St Jean will be lost).
  2. Somewhere (in the archives) of the forum is a thread featuring a member who fell fowl of the "British person,French car, used in UK" is situation. If I remember correctly, they got stroppy with the police which didn't help their situation. (I think that they got stroppy with the mods as well and were banned from posting.... but don't take my thinks as gospel, it was about 10 years ago)
  3. I spent a few days last week looking for my Habitation invoice, I couldn't remember receiving it, but being so near to 15th I assumed that it must be somewhere in the house(UK). I was beginning to panic as I didn't want to be fined for late payment and wondered if there was some method of finding out how much through the impots web site. It arrived on Friday with payment due today....
  4. [quote user="idun"]https://www.google.com/maps/place/Actua+GT+Driving/@45.6927206,5.065061,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9f091b2b8e1b7140?hl=fr That little map shows both. I have just looked at the adjacent road at street view and there doesn't seem to be anything there. Maybe plans to build something and didn't? We have two roads in this region that I pass regularly that don't go any where. In fact I remember my drive to Geneva Airport pre full motor way days and they didn't go anywhere and have a feeling that they still don't. [/quote] Sorry, your post came up after I had posted my last one (I didn't refresh the screen when I got in). These things happen. There used to be a bridge to nowhere in Glasgow and on the M4 near Bristol there are slip roads.... but no junction.
  5. Oooo good find, thank you, but no unfortunately, the track is the wrong shape. I have found reference to an exhibition centre that claims access to a test track so I wonder if that is it. The one that has caught my eye is this shape.... https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Lyon-Saint+Exup%C3%A9ry+Airport/@45.7030826,5.0738636,998m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x47f4c92b009f84cd:0x86dc510cc9b255f0?hl=en
  6. I've just been perusing Lyon Airport on Google's satellite view and, just to the south of the terminal buildings and to the west of the runway, there is a (private) road layout that is very neatly laid out, large oval with a circle at one end, symmetrical crossing roads, symmetrical access roads from buildings.... it could almost be a race track, but somehow, not quite. Is it anything interesting / important / amusing? (I can't see what the signs at the entrance say due to streetview blurring them).
  7. So are you trying to tell us that you didn't think you could Depond on M et Mme Depond???????
  8. I bet I know who the one person Idun knows of is :-). I don't post as often as I used to for a number of reasons, 1 I no longer working in a boring office where numerous quick looks at the forum helped the day along. 2 For some reason the software kept forgetting my login details and for a while I just couldn't post or be bothered with finding out which email I had used all those years ago. 3 Many of the things I wanted to know about had been covered. 4.... some of the fun seemed to go out of it. I like looking occasionally and ever more occasionally I will post (even when I get scathing replies because I didn't think a bit of background info was particularly important :-) ).
  9. Thanks for that. Very informative and useful. Double glazing would certainly help and, again, it is on teh cards now I have money to spend (I had been hoping that the builders of a new LGV - Lyon Turin, might have felt duty bound to pay for it because of noise, but that project is well behind schedule - when I bought it was due to be opening now, it is now due in 2025 ish)
  10. I agree the local regie does provide a green energy and that is probably the best way to go, (although there is part of me that likes the idea of self sufficiency). As it happens there is a water course at the back of the house which used to power a waterwheel for the forge next door and, I'd love to harness that water.... the only trouble is, it is not a natural waterway, it was built for the water wheel. It leaves the main stream about 2km up the hill. The council kept it going while it was also needed as a sewer, but for about 10 years we have been on mains, so they may stop maintaining the "stream".
  11. Sadly I don't have enough outdoor space for a pool or underground water tank.
  12. Thanks for all the input. Last nights spread sheet needs to come out again.... radiator system may reappear.... (I'm guessing that more vegetable oil oil will be grown as time goes on?) Before Christmas I had it quite clearly mapped out..... For info.... I don't read the daily mail..... I used to buy it, mainly for the crossword but some 15 to 20 years ago I actually wrote to the editor to tell him that I didn't like the cheque book journalism they were employing - he did reply trying to justify it but I haven't bought it since. I initially heard the reports about Gas on Radio 4, but when trying to explain why I was concerned, I did a quick google to find a source that I could quote and the Daily Mail was the first one to come up. However..... The Beano.... now that I would like to read.
  13. [quote user="Théière"]Someone who can't make a decision in 15 years unlikely to be able to make one based on what some people on a forum say no matter how well intentioned so I see little point in going on about anything as I am not retired and don't have the time to waste. idun: Tulikivi UK Ltd. +44 1285 650633 14 Elliott Road Love Lane Industrial Estate GL7 1YS Cirencester United Kingdom [email protected] www.tulikivi.co.uk [/quote] I did miss out something, which, if I had included it, might have influenced your style of reply. Lack of money caused the delay. End of mortgage has created the opportunity. But Climate Change talks last December have confused the issue for me.
  14. Thanks for all the input. My comments about Gas came from stories like this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3358616/Climate-deal-signals-end-gas-cookers-ll-phased-meet-new-targets-experts-claim.html There is mains gas in my road and when the pipe was put in a arranged to have a yellow conduit put up the drive.... but money ran out so I didn't continue. I don't have very much garden (have about 100 meters of drive that I never use.... but it goes up to another house and they do use it, so perhaps not... :-) ) Winter sun does provide a lot of infra red light so pipes on the roof might be an option but then the heat has to be stored until the evening when it is needed. I would love the wood pellets but I am not sure how well that works if the place in empty for a few weeks. If the pellets are not bone dry does it cause problems. I had wondered if photo voltaic would be an option because (currently) it would be almost entirely "feed in" for 45 weeks of the year. Confusing myself even more :-)
  15. Yes, I know it's an odd title. For the 15 years I've had my place in 73 I've been "planning" to put in Gas Central Heating (Heating is not good at the moment... 3 phase electric and Alpine winters mean that if heaters are on and somebody uses... a hair dryer, the trip goes even if I am not up to the full ampage). However.... with talk of Gas being outlawed in 15 years, I am not sure that I want to spend out on a radiator system that will not be ideal in the future. I have just spent a very enjoyable evening researching various options, heat exchangers, storage heaters, solar panels, photo voltaic panels (I am supplied by a Hydro electric "Regie" so not sure what the situation is with feed in) etc etc etc . I am not there all the time at the moment so want to be able to operate it remotely (that sort of dismisses Storage Heaters). This all means that I am now very confused. So.... any thoughts on what will be best for the future? (Feel free to confuse me more)
  16. I haven't read the whole thread so somebody else may have already posted this and, I don't know the date of the article so it may be out of date (which means you may want to sigh and ignore this post) but http://www.insurance.fr/blog/smoke-detectorsalarms-required-march-2015 seems to support the view that attestation is not required at least by this company.
  17. [quote user="idun"]When I came back after an absence, I couldn't log on under my old name so took a new one. Idun is a viking goddess that got changed into a 'nut', or so I had read, sure there are alternative versions of this story,, but that seemed right to me, for me! [/quote] So another of my assumption bites the dust. I thought you were saying "I dun (with living in France!)"
  18. I thought it was supposed to be a TGV line and I had been hoping that I would get some free double glazing out of it :-) but as it is just a normal line (all be it less steep and more direct) I guess that wont happen. It is on the other side of the valley so I guess I will not be affected too much.
  19. Answering my own question, Rail Gazette says that digging on the main tunnel is scheduled to start in 2015.
  20. Oh, I should probably have talked techie for a moment. If I remember correctly, the time it last depends on how the person, I doubt very much whether the Laser thinning will alter that, it is not a treatment for long, short or even old, sight, it's is a correction for how the eye is now.
  21. I've been out of the optical business for nearly 30 years so I have no doubt that things have moved on since then, however, I remember thinking then that evolution has made the Cornea a certain thickness for a reason. Thinning it did not seem like a good idea to me at that time. I realise that evolution is not perfect (hence our appendix) but I'm still sticking with glasses (even though I have to pay full price these days)
  22. I did read of a partial solution to the sound balance problem. On programmes / DVD's with 5.1 sound, the music is often on stereo whereas commentary is rock solid in the middle, so you can reduce the volume of the music yourself. I've not tried it because I don't have a problem with the sound yet so I'm sticking with limited audio capabilities of my old TV.
  23. I have a feeling that, somewhere in the depths of the archives, there is a solution concerning port numbers. Some years ago I read something on the forum that meant I could send my emails from the usual account even though I was connected to an orange.fr connection, but then I changed laptop and didn't get round to finding the port changes. This has prompted me to have another look.
  24. We had a power cut last week and my PC, TV and games console shut down immediately, so I had to talk to my family for a few hours. They seem like nice people.
  25. So true about the "glorious" Alps. I was flabbergasted the first time I went to Moutiers. I suppose all the money just goes straight up into the mountain resorts. Mind you Mayors can be a problem, I'm told that the Mayor of St Michel de Maurienne (the stopping off point for Valloire) was resisting touristification of his town..... it was an industrial town (big factory for Renault) and that is how it had to stay... or die. (In recent years they have spent a bit of money beautifying it - a friend who lives there thinks they need to take a big step forward and put in a big ski lift in to get people from the station / motorway to the snow as it would be a great day trip from Lyon - but......).
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