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  1. Will definately give that a go first - if it has joined the choir invisible though, does anybody know the best (i.e. cheapest) place to get a replacement from? Ta HB
  2. Hi All, First post here (in a long time anyway!) - Got to the house o(in the Gers) over easter to find that, amongst broken pipes/damaged water meter etc, my thermostatic shower unit appears to be playing up, and will only run lukewarm when it previously ran hot. Any thoughts on if this could also be cold damage, or would there be something else going on? many thanks, HB
  3. Yes I've heard some horror stories (and some good ones!), hence my enquiries. I think I'll go and do some chin stroking. By the way, when selling I understand that the tax on second home sales is 18% - is this the only charge that is applicable, or would there be others on top of that? Thanks, HB
  4. Hi All, We are hoping to sell our place in Lot et Garronne this year (or at least put it on the market), and we have a friend of a friend (from the UK) who is interested in buying, but would like to rent for a few months before making a decision. In principle this is ok with us, but I'm wondering what the legal implications are - can this be done on a kind of extended holiday let arrangement, and if so how are household bills covered etc? If anybody has any experience of a similar situation we'd love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks HB
  5. Hi Sue, That looks familiar - super fast response! Thanks, Matt
  6. Hi, Does anybody know the address of the address to send off for a new chequebook (in Bordeaux), I can't find the bleedin letter! Thanks, Matt
  7. [quote user="[email protected]"]  the great Yngwie.  Make sure your sound is turned on & ENJOY!!  [:D] Nobody likes a smartarse!
  8. I suppose we could rehearse via broadband? Gigs could be a problem though. Ann Robinson - what a lovley women (should have stitched her gob up whilst whe was having all that plastic surgery) HB
  9. Shame you're not in 47 - we'll be there later this year and looking to form a band. Oh well. HB
  10. 'scuse my ignorance on the subject, but if you're classed as a trader in France due to selling on ebay, does that mean that you're then liable for all the social charges etc? If this is the case, does anybody know what the level of these charges are? Is there a sliding scale of earnings etc etc.... I realise that this is a whole different can of worms that has probably been covered countless times before, but if anybody could give a quick summary? Thanks, HB
  11. Does anybody know what the tax implications are of using ebay.fr (or ebay.co.uk for that matter). thanks, HB
  12. I assume there is a specific body that deals with these issues in each department - any ideas who I need to speak to? (I'm in 47 but I assume that the controlling body is the same in each dept?). Thanks, MattP
  13. Hi TJ, Thanks for that, could be a slight complication as i'm just about to train in the Uk, and wanted to transfer fairly quickly. Is it the same kind of arrangement in the UK or can you basically get on with it once qualified? cheers, HB
  14. Are there any electricians out there who have transfered their skills/qualifications accross the channel? If so, can you pass on details of what needs to be done and if there are any additional French qualifications required etc? Ta, HB
  15. Hello Jo, Will keep you up to date with anything I find. regards, MattP
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