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  1. I am not a fountain of knowledge on this subject but i do know that there is an international school in Bordeaux. Sorry, I have no idea where or what it's called but I guess les page jaunes would help. Good luck.
  2. Does anyone know of a reputable place where we can look for a new kitten. We already have one from the local farmer but I would like to rehome another if possible. Thanks in advance Helen
  3. We had the same situation with a Ducati motorbike that we brought over last year. Luckily we still had the receipt which proved that we had paid tax in the UK when we bought it. For the 'certificat de conformite' all we did was write to the Ducati headquarters (in Italy) with the bike's details and they send us one by return of post. They are obviously missing out on a money spinner!
  4. I am looking for someone to put up a decent fence around a vegetable garden in 33 near Duras/La Reole. If you are interested please send me a PM ASAP. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Peter for this - I have a feeling I need all the luck I can get at the moment!!
  6. Exact location is between Duras and La Reole in the Gironde (33). Sorry I left out the most important bit of info.
  7. We are looking for a project manager in 33 area to oversee the renovation of a large barn. We would need him to be insured and be SIRET registered. We would also like to see properties that have already been renovated and to speak to former clients. Sorry for the long list but it's a case of once bitten. If you are interested or know someone please send a private mail. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know of a GOOD project manager who preferably can speak English and French, but just French is okay. We are converting a large barn and would like someone to oversee the project. They would need to be SIRET registered and have insurance. We would also need to see projects that they have already done and be able to talk to previous clients. Sorry for so many demands but a case of once bitten!!
  9. Sorry to jump on your posting. We also have two pylons on our land and a neighbour has suggested that if we don't like them EDF will come and put the cables underground free of charge. Does anyone know if this is true?
  10. We moved here last year with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old who did not speak a word of French apart from 'Bonjour' and 'Merci'. It was a difficult 3-4 months when they started, more so for our eldest. He would scream at the door when I left and had to be pealed off me. This was not the experience we had when he went to school in England. He was popular, loved it and did well. One year on and they have both settled in well and can speak French fluently. They both love school and now they want to stay for the afterschool clubs as well. My advice is not panic if they don't fit in straight away and although you may leave them in tears (yours and theirs) it will get better and you'll forget what all the fuss was about.
  11. I assume as children who were born in the UK and reside here qualify then a child who is born in France is entitled to payment. You need to contact your lcoal Caisse d'allocataire Familiale they will be in your page jaunes. I'm sure they'll have an abundance of paperwork for you to fill out before the happy day!!
  12. I also have a husband who works full time in London and returns to us in France for the weekend. After consulting CPAM many, many times and filling in a mountain of paperwork I had to contact Newcastle. I had to fax my husband's D.O.B, NI number, place of work to them along with my NI number, D.O.B, address in France and details of any children. FAX no is 00 44 191 225 3540. They then issued a E109 in a fortnight (quite prompt I thought as they told me that only one person worked on them). This I posted to our head office of CPAM, in our case in Bordeaux, and they have provided us with a temporary attestation and a social security number. Once you have that you can take out a mutuelle or a top up insurance as you are only covered for 70% of costs. We did this with AXA but there are loads of insurance agents who do them. We are still awaiting our carte vitale which we have been told is being processed and will probably take about a month. However, a word of caution they are still asking me for paperwork to complete our dossier. As you needed an idiots guide I hope you don't mind me asking if you have already had your marriage and birth certificates translated as you will be asked for these no doubt. Hope this helps, I know paperwork is tedious in France but it does get there in the end - at least I hope so.
  13. We bought a Toro last year (I have no idea how big it is sorry model numbers are never my thing) and we also have a large field that is on a steep slope. It seems to manage okay but we have to make sure that the ground is very, very dry before we mow otherwise we have to push it out. Also it takes a bit of getting used to mowing in large figures of eight rather than the more traditional up and down. Have no idea about maintenance as it hadn't done that much work.
  14. As ever, it depends on what you're growing some can be put straight into the soil such as peas, broad beans, french beans, carrots and quite a few others. Sounds silly, but the best thing is to read the seed packets. Others like the good old tom need to be planted in either seed trays or put a few in small pots and then plant out when they're strong. Also don't forget that you can buy lots of plants in local markets and garden centres - aubergine, pepper, courgettes, onions. It's a good way of building your garden overnight!!
  15. We are currently renovating a large barn and are looking into our heating options, of which there seem to be many. We originally thought of oil but this has been superseeded by electric underfloor heating for the ground floor. I am a bit concerned about the cost as electricity seems to be really expensive. Has anyone got an idiots guide to costings for our heating options?? I would be prepared to pay more for a more cost-effective system to be installed. Thanks in advance for your help.
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