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  1. Having just read all the correspondence on this subject, I could give you a very clear personal experience of NHS hospitals over the past three years and the problems therein both as a carer to my husband and as a patient myself. I have taken issue on two occasions with our local health authority on the various problems which are prevalent in our hospital. This hospital is a 3 star one and currently being approved for one of the new private foundation hospitals. Like all UK hospitals it is severely understaffed especially in specialist areas, such as radiologists and radiographers, specialised nurses, oncologists and physiotherapist. If you would like to contact me direct I can give you a complete breakdown of the problems I experienced here which have been repeated many times over to other patients with the same conditions. I have previously lived in Spain and I have to say that treatment there was far superior than in this country. I am hoping to move to France as I am tired of fighting for decent hospital treatment in this country.
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