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  1. We need to rent somewhere while we move from one house to another. Friends are accommodating us for most of the time but i don't want to impose too much therefore looking for a cheap gite for a couple of the weeks so we and they can have a break! Just for 2 people...and (hold hands up!) one small cat - although if its somewhere in the Dordogne she can lodge with a friend. The cat is a house cat used to travel and hotels and very good! Don't suppose now is great time for cheap gites but just thought someone might have a couple of weeks unfilled. Thanks in advance.
  2. If anyone knows of an English speaking vet in North Dordogne - Excideuil / Payzac area i would be really grateful. Pls could you post here as i thnk my email isn't working! Best Regards Lou
  3. I'd like to employ someone who could help me complete the necessary permit to turn a small barn on my land into accommodation to be used by us while we renovate the main house. Theres a sink and electric to the little barn and it was lived in previously but i'm not sure if it has a CU. Main changes will just be (hopefully) putting patio doors in the front where the barn is open, installing and connecting to a fosse - one small velux in the window and a basic bathroom. The acte de vente isn't for a couple of months but i have permission from the owner to put in the requests now so that hopefully we don't have to wait too long to start work after the sale completes. We are in 46 but i think help could come 'remotely' ie. via fax, phone and email - basically I'd just like to forward the basic requirements to someone (have plans, mock ups and photos) who could complete the form for me and perhaps help with any follow-up needed by the mairie. The habitable space will only be about 60msq max. If anyone has good knowledge of such things through their work pls do email me. Best Regards Lou
  4. I read somewhere on this forum that there might now be no requirement to change the number plate of a car bought in a different department (or registered in one). The mention of this was incidental to another question so there wasn't much detail. We are considering buying a car from a neighbours daughter who visits from another area - will we need to change the plate via the prefecture. Secondly (and i really should search for this as its probably been asked many times,) the car is for my Dad who will use it when he visits his holiday place near to my permanent home - is it possible for a UK resident to buy a French car or should i buy it in my name as i have a CDS ( i can't even drive but i expect that shouldn't matter and we could insure it for Dad to drive). Lou
  5. We have lived in France for a few years but are moving to another house close by - there will be a gap between when we have to vacate ours and when we can move into the new one (or more correctly a mobile home on the land of the new one...). We have found somewhere to store our furniture but still need place for selves (and I must admit...a cat, but she's a house cat and very good). Non smokers. We are ideally looking to rent somewhere for 2 months from June 10th onwards - ideally in Northern Lot (Souillac main town) or South Correze (Brive main town here)but anywhere in 46 would be good...the closer to Martel / Vayrac the better. Bad news for us is this is peak season ... gite rates for two months would be a bit scary so really looking for somewhere that could either give a good discount for length of stay or a gite that wont be used for holiday lets this year. Can cat / dog / horse sit in exchange for rent reduction. have looked at renting an appartment but they all seem to be 3 year lets! Pls do leave a message in my in-box if anyone has any ideas!
  6. If anyone has a very cheap and cheerful car or van (French registered)for sale please could you let me know. Ideally in depts 46, 24, or 19 or able to get to us here - as only one of our family drives so difficult to get two vehicles back - however we can come and view on the motorbike and will cover delivery costs. Best Regards Lou
  7. We're not actually hiring a car for our guests but anyone who has might be able to help us. My husbands mum is coming to stay - our car is off the road so she wants to hire us one for the week she is here so we can visit local places of interest...she doesn't drive and neither do i. My husband will be the driving but he doesn't own or use a credit card...in the past we've just booked the car on my credit card and put him down as the driver...when i needed a car a few months back the companies now seemed to be insisting it had to be paid for by the named driver on their credit card. Has anyone managed to book and pay for a car hire for someone else...if i could drive this wouldnt be a problem as we could just put my husband as second named driver...but i can't any ideas? Lou
  8. I did have a number for a company that offered these in SW France but i've lost the details. I think they were in The Lot and had ex-rental mobile homes for sale that they would buy back at end of renovations. I wondered if anyone knew of the company or anyone offering a similar service. I think tired old ex-rentals were about 2000 euros but that would do us for the summer! Lou
  9. Hi Can anyone recommend a good roofer? We're just where depts 46/19 and 24 meet - about 15 km from Souillac, 40km Gourdon, and 45 mins North of Cahors. Best Regards Lou
  10. I have spoken to Newcastle and apparently due to my academic / work / living situation i should have applied for form E128 (via filling in an e101). Does anyone else have an E128 and does it give 100 cover? Is it similar to other E forms whereby you pay for treatment and are refunded later? Best Regards Lou
  11. Hi I've got into rather a mess which will probably prompt thoughts of 'serves you right'. I moved to France 18 months ago and obtained CDS on basis of savings (since spent most). As we were then considering moving back to the UK for a bit to take up a work contract to boost savings before returning here again i did not apply to join CPAM. No contract was forthcoming. I have since become unwell and have been seeing doctor on sort of 'pay as you go' basis. I have a job offer here in France but its not to start for 3 or 4 months. I would like to obtain a carte vitale in case i need treatment for serious illness. Before leaving UK I was exempt from NI due to part time work and hence not entitled to E106. My question is, can you enter CPAm with no proof of earnings OR if i managed to get the future employer to employ me now on part-time basis paying with cheques d'emploi would this entitle me to healthcare even though earnings low. ANy advice gratefully received. Best Regards Lou
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