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  1. [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="woolybanana"]And I suppose the 8%, if it is that, will be knocked off the social charges we pay?[/quote]I discovered this year, quite by chance - on this forum -, that the payments made to CMU can be offset against tax.  However, social charges are payable when you are a la charge of the French system, but they are not payable if you go private or are paid for by the UK.[/quote]

    Cooperlola, could you  explain or provide a link to  the offsetting CMU payments against tax please? ( Do you mean against French income tax?)


  2. Sales start next Wed 22nd. Try Auchan La Couronne just south of Angouleme for the TV. If they haven't got what you want, Darty is just down the road (they don't do sales but you can check prices online anyway).

  3. CA do not charge you to close an account - at least not in Charente or in Indre. I have done it both for myself and a friend. (Can't help with the translation as I have not come accross it before).

  4. Can't help specifically with CDs but if you have equipment capable of receiving TV whether it is a maison principal or secondaire then you have to pay, along with your tax habitation

  5. The trouble with the programme under Toby was that it was a victim of the BBC's constant meddling with the programmes to "update" or "refresh" them. However, it often seems to result in dumbing down e.g. Countryfile.

  6. iplayer is now offering ITV & Channel 5 but 5 isn't working (ITV is)

  7. The best thing to do is go into your CA branch with a list of your requirements - cheque book, standing orders and online access - and nothing else - no magazines, no insurance etc. Prepare for them to be amazed that you don't want their many other wonderful products. Stay firm and ask them to write down the the cost of the modified requirements. If it seems too much ask for a breakdown. Take it from there.......

  8. If you need just a basic bank a/c & no cards La Banque Postale is (almost) free - can't remember without checking but it's next to nothing & include cheque book, standing orders & online banking, which is all I use.

  9. Two reasons

    1. They closed their counter, so all paying in (cash or cheque) had to be done by posting an envelope into a not very secure letterbox.

    2. By opting for a basic La Poste account with cheque book & online banking (no card) I saved myself over €70 per annum.

    An extra benefit is that I can draw cash here in the village in our Agence Postale - and pay in of course.

    I used to fund my accounts with cash withdrawn from my Nationwide a/c but since they started charging I am waiting until I need 5k & will then do a transfer. I have done a smaller test transfer via Moneybookers & La Poste didn't charge anything.

  10. When you have a look around for a new bank, I think you will find that most now offer to take care of the transfer from the old bank, including standing orders. Because I thought it was a comparitively new thing in France I wasn't confident enough to let La Poste do it when I transferred from CA  about 18 months ago but hopefully you will get some more replies with more recent experiences.

  11. Yes, working again, although I had to uninstall & reinstall the software to make it work.

  12. Wait 'till they've fixed it. You can either look on Facebook or wait until I or another member posts here to say it is back up.


    Latest 2 posts from Expat's facebook page...


    This is it....we're BACK ONLINE!

    Thank You ALL for your patience and enjoy.
    about an hour ago



    everyone, engineers found few more issues after everyone jumped on at

    once so we had to revert everyone back to US IPs for the time being.

    Should have "the final update" in the next few hours.
    4 minutes ago

  13. Latest from Expat Shield Facebook page

    Still working on getting the new hardware up

    (ran into few issues), but please be assured, work is in progress. We

    wish we could speed up the process, but at this time we have to wait

    until everything is fixed before going back online with ExpatShield. We

    are also working on procedure steps to make sure such long outages never

    happen again.

    Thank you.about an hour ago

  14. They do say "like" but also start many sentences with "I mean"

    If you are going back to UK TV be prepared for "coming up" as part of the programme. One of the worst for this is Countryfile. They also break off half way through a report, go to something else, then go back to finish the previous item. Maybe they think we have short attention spans - I just find it totally frustrating and yet another form of "dumbing down", (sorry, rant over[:)])

  15. Mine works OK in a 'phone I had previously paid to have unblocked to use a Leclerc sim. Have you tried another sim in your e-bay 'phone to prove it is the sim not the 'phone that is at fault. Can you try the Lebara sim in a friend's unblocked 'phone?

  16. I bought an emachines netbook from Darty for €199 6 months ago & am absolutely delighted with it. There is a similar one in Conforama at the moment for the same price. It does what Lollie asks for. Link here


  17. Does anyone know this restaurant please. Thinking of trying the menu du jour one day this week. Thanks,

  18. OK so far Jay. Have also topped up online with a UK card - v. straightforward.

  19. Best to find out what she normally eats. Like me, she may be happy to just have a small portion of a "normal" cake - provided it isn't particularly sugary of course. Also, if her diabetes is controlled with insulin rather than diet, she may be happy to just take a couple of extra units.

  20. Just used it successfully to watch a half hour prog. Started slow so disconnected & reconnected then OK. Download speed is v slow though when checked with Speedtest.

  21. There are other posts about PAYG 'phones but, basically, the cheapest for low users are Leclerc @ €1.50 per month or Lebara (no standing charge). All the others have time limited top ups.

  22. Thanks. Having done the above, if I download a program, using Expat shield, then re-boot (to simulate coming back to watch my download later) I can only watch the program if I am not online. If I do not disconnect from the router, iplayer desktop gives me an error message - and wipes the download from my hard drive.

    Is this the same for everyone else who is saving, rather than just watching programs live?

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