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  1. I don't think there is a "loophole" as, when I applied for a different investment, it came up with something like "we can see from your address that you live in France so you can't have this a/c".

    Also, when renewing an existing bond I tried to split the sum being reinvested, it let me do the first part but not the second as it was deemed to be "a new investment" & therefore against their T&Cs. No amount of discussion, reasoning or pleading would change their minds - quite appalling treatment in my view for a long term customer trapped by their blind adherence to an unnecessarily strict interpretation of their rules.

  2. La Banque Postale (LBP) has a cheap current account - about €6.40 per year. Internet access is free. If you have a Livret A you can have a free card for cash withdrawals at LBP only. There is a charge for credit cards, which I don't have.

    Their systems are archaic compared with UK banks but OK once you get used to it. Entries posted on a Friday won't show until Tuesday as nothing happens at weekends. If you want to make 3rd party payments it takes 48 hours to set up. For international payments they send a confirmatory text with a code to your 'phone. If you want to change the phone number used for that purpose, you have to 'phone your adviser and, yes, wait 48 hours.

    I transfer £ into € with CurrencyFair & it is credited to my LBP a/c the following day with no charge by LBP.

    All in all, whilst it might not suit everyone, I am happy with the account

  3. I agree with the other posts - I don't think it would be derogatory in the UK but I can't comment for other English speaking countries.

  4. Absolutely right Dave - they don't enforce the existing laws never mind new ones. I do believe that tailgating is illegal but it must be one of the most common offences.

  5. A slightly different suggestion for you:

    Since we had a Lakeland banana bag       http://www.lakeland.co.uk/12159/Banana-Bag

    we don't have over ripe or wasted bananas. Seems to good to be true but they do work (and I don't have a connection to Lakeland!!)

  6. Lycamobile. I'm a low user so unit cost of calls is not important. Now activated data for my new smartphone - again occasional use so cost not an issue - its there if I need it.

    Only problem is that texts from La Banque Postale don't work with Lyca so I have to use my Virgin UK sim for that.

  7. I managed to end my relationship with CA without any problems. However, if you are happy with the existing account, why not just open an account locally with La Banque Postale as well. I pay €1.05 per trimestre for a checking a/c with internet but no card.

  8. My Mégane CC had no spare at all so I just bought the right size steel rim from Renault & got the local tyre shop to put a good second hand tyre on it. Job done cheaply & perfect when it was needed.

  9. What is the point in their "survey" if they are not selling something?? Hard to believe they aren't - or am I just being cynical?

    Do let us know the outcome[:)]

  10. I was told (but didn't fully understand) that reimbursement was made according to how bad the problem was - and I didn't qualify! So I have done some googling & I think this page might help


  11. It is a scam. They say they are phoning from Microsoft - I say "no you aren't, its a scam" & put the phone down. My wife just says "rubbish" & puts the phone down!

  12. There are so many scare stories about direct debits. Perhaps I'm just lucky - never a problem in 10 years in France or as long as I can remember in the UK before that. Plus, I never miss a payment.
  13. The bills are sent out in advance of the direct debits too.

  14. Tax d'hab & fonc normally have to be paid by cash or cheque for the first year & then you can set up a direct debit. It is much the easiest way.

  15. Thanks, that's useful. Just had a quick look at Boursorama & I couldn't see any other conditions - although its getting a bit late for reading the small print!

  16. Are there any online banks where you don't have to put in a minimum amount every month to get a free card with the current account?

  17. Job done, front only replaced as above -£1.39, V. happy!

  18. The buttons on my 206 key fob are a bit loose but I didn't know you could get a new case - so thanks for this thread.

    I've ordered a cheapo one from ebay.

  19. It's been closed for such a long time and now, with new owners, I can't see it having the same ambiance or "feel". I hope that I am proved wrong as we really enjoyed going there. I'll watch this space for further news.

  20. I haven't tried my Lyca in the UK but it worked automatically last week in Germany & Poland.

  21. OK in Charente this morning, we seem to have all the usual channels

  22. No "black" propaganda needed - just look at the state of the economy. Increasing taxes left right & centre just puts more downward pressure on growth. No effective reduction in central costs - quite the opposite. All this from the man who said austerity was over. The incompetence of FH & his team would be laughable if things weren't so bad.

  23. Low fat, low sugar. Loads of recipes on the net. Best tip is to ask your friend what foods they avoid and then take it from there. If it is only one meal it shouldn't matter anyway - unless your friend is obsessive about their diet.

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