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  1. H [email protected], Thanks for the info, are you suggesting it would be possible to take the sim from the router and put it in a mobile phone to make calls?
  2. Hi Lehaut, By tanslating your message from Bouygues, "Hello , It's a mobile line number like on the Nomad data sim for example The sim must have a number which serves to identify it on the network Have a good day, " Do you think I would expect to have a mobile phone with the " Mobile Line Number " ?
  3. Thank you Martin for your time and explanation, well noted and will consider options. Most grateful for your advice. Ray.
  4. Hi Martin, Thanks for the info, the Bouygues 4G router I have does have a phone socket, to which I can plug in a phone, this can only be used if I pay extra for the connection. ( No phone line is required ). My question is, Why have Bouygues given me a mobile phone number? If I buy a mobile phone, would they give me a sim card? Sorry to be a bit vague but I do not speak French so conversation with Bouygues is not easy. Any more advice would be appreciated. Ray.
  5. Hi Martin 963, Thanks for your message, Yes, my Bouygues router does have a phone socket, but I will have to pay extra to receive a fixed line connection to it. However I understand the phone number they have given me is for a mobile phone, so I take it that if I buy a secondhand mobile phone I will need Bouygues to supply me with a SIM card! As I am resident in my holiday home I am able to use my English mobile phone, until I return to England in June.
  6. Hello, This is my 1st topic, so I am hoping someone can advise me on a mobile phone question. I have signed up with Bouygues for the 4G broadband and I am now connected to the internet. They also provided me with a mobile phone number, but I do not have a French mobile Phone. My question is can I convert my English mobile phone to a French number?
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