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  1. Think it’s about 80 sq m using latest insulation and pipe work which can be tiled straight onto without screed pipework just to area of manifold no further pipe work needed Full schematics will be available on site near Le Dorat Thanks
  2. I need someone to erect an oak frame including roof timbers to existing dwarf wall and patio near Le Dorat All timber on site Thanks
  3. Hi, looking for advice about using a French sim in my 4g router. Last visit we used a Tesco sim and tried a Reglo sim it didn’t work and found out they only work in phones and not routers Have been looking at SOSH and FREE but I am unsure if these will work in my router I want to use a French sim as U.K. sims start to check usage on data after prolonged use The router is unlocked to any network. Thanks
  4. No joy and just tried the settings that came with the sim??‍♂️
  5. Hi Thanks I have tried the settings on the form for modems, but no luck, I will try those for a phone.
  6. Hi Is any one using a Reglo sim in a 4g router? I am having trouble getting a connection I have 4g strong signal but get the error message “ no internet connectionl My Tesco sim works fine I have looked on line for settings and none work Any advice and help would be great Thank you
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