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  1. Thanks Tony We’re based in UK so I’ll phone their English speaking helpline next week. It just seems crazy how everything is made so difficult, both from the banking and DIY stores. Carron
  2. Hello all Planning a trip in April to do renovation and have about 4000 € of purchases required at Mr Bricolage. However having just checked re payment limits it looks like there is a really low monthly payment total for the basic ÇA Mastercard. Is this correct and if so how does anyone make large purchases at DIY stores? Will they take a cheque? I believe they don’t deliver so I can’t order in advance and do a bank transfer. Any clarity gratefully received! Carron
  3. Hello all I have a second home in Dordogne and have lots of renovations to do with limited time in France. I’m trying to organise a delivery of timber, guttering, plasterboard and electrics before we come again just before Easter. I had costed everything on Mr Bricolage but since discovered they don’t deliver most items and have been told Batiland is best. However I can’t work out their website at all. I can’t find any prices or even figure out how to order, and doesn’t seem able to search website by product. Can anyone give any advice please? Carron
  4. Thanks all for the advice. Will stick with plastic conduit
  5. Looking for some advice please. I’m planning to rewire my French holiday home and really wanted to replace the plastic sockets and exposed trunking with metal for aesthetic reasons. From what I have read it sounds like this may not be allowed? The property is just about to be earthed as wasn’t when we bought it - copper rod into ground. if anyone can advise would be hugely appreciated. thanks Carron
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