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  1. Nope it's my fault for talking about my experience of Camden. I should have known us young whippersnappers would have nothing to contribute to the conversation.
  2. Naturally I was referring to my time in London ( this century ). I was too young to understand anything much in the 60's.🍼
  3. I never understood the North South divide thing. Most of the people I worked with lived in North London whereas I started out in Putney then moved to Wimbledon. As an outsider, both sides of the river seemed equally as good/bad but there was a distinct snob value attributed to living in the North.
  4. It's not just the future costs of fuel. It's the availability. I forsee rolling power cuts when demand outstrips supply. Maybe rationing. Currently I keep a supply of fuel for a generator. I'd rather be able to run off solar/wind supplied batteries instead.
  5. '80's is a bit before my time. Didn't move to London until the start of the new millennium. Seem to remember Camden had quite an interesting arts centre.
  6. You'd get no scoffing from me ALBF. If I thought the roof would support it I'd go for solar myself. As for a wind turbine, there used to be a local company who would install a turbine and hydrogen batteries which would kick in when the power failed ( which happens a lot here ). Unfortunately they seem to have disappeared from site as only a French company can. Ground pump is a no go as the house is sitting on rock. The farm up the hill built an enormous barn and covered it with solar panels to feed into the grid. Maybe I'll do that ( without the giving of the electricity to EDF ). I've got the land and it's not much use for anything else.
  7. I used to quite like visiting Camden when I lived in London. Work used to have their Christmas parties at the Roundhouse.
  8. I second ALBF, thanks for the info. I'm currently running a wood burner with logs supplied loose in the summer for stacking and seasoning for the following year. However I'm acutely aware that the time is fast approaching when I physically won't be able to spend the summer humping wood around. I've an old oil burner which gets run for a couple of hours a day to take the edge off the house but that's not a long term solution either. I reckon I've got about three years worth of fuel onsite ( both oil and timber ) so need to use that time to come up with an alternative. Unfortunately I think an 8 degree cut off is a little too warm for me.
  9. Ken, sweetie I would forgive you almost anything😘 I'm happy to rewrite as requested. Votre commentaire était joint à un autre, il ne s'adressait pas spécifiquement à vous et n'était certainement pas moralisateur. Il a été fait hier seulement. Je me serais attendu à ce que vous vous en souveniez.
  10. Your comment was attached to another, not addressed specifically at you, and certainly not sanctimonious. It was made only yesterday. I would have expected you to remember it.
  11. At the risk of being accused of thread drift, can I ask at what temperature you have found your heat pumps become inefficient. I know there's plenty of research online but I'd like to hear some real life experience.
  12. Regarding your response to SSimon Ken. I don't think he/she was being rude at all. He/she was merely using the term you had used to describe yourself when starting this thread. On the subject of being rude, weren't you the person on another thread accusing people of being sanctimonious? Sanctimonious Making a show of sanctity; affecting saintliness; hypocritically devout or pious. Isn't that being rude?
  13. The whole 'rights restriction' opt out is done automatically and is as simple as someone in the office pressing a single key probably weeks in advance. Your unexpected commentary could simply be down to a typo. I would very much doubt there's anyone actually monitoring the overseas output specifically for rights breaches. Just enjoy it when it happens.
  14. Officially a year but I've kept it for much longer than that.
  15. Interesting. I'd never think to do that either. Thanks for the tip. Hope everything is going well with you.
  16. And with that, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. I rest my case??
  17. I thought I'd have a little look and see how many native tongues are still alive today in Britain. Below is the first line of the Lords prayer translated into most of the tongues of Britain ( I know of a few others but can't find instances of them reciting the prayer online ) Our Father who art in heaven ( English ) Ar n-Athair a tha air nèamh (Scottish Gaelic ) Ár n-Athair, atá ar neamh ( Irish Gaelic ) Ayr ain t'ayns niau, ( Manx ) Ein Tad, yr hwn wyt ( Welsh ) Agan Tas ni, eus y’n nev ( Cornish ) Nouot' Péthe qu'es au ciel ( Jerriais ) Note this is just a list of languages from the British Isles, move to the overseas territories and the list grows proportionately.
  18. I've just realised I am proud to be British ( or should I more correctly say Anglo Norman ). I am proud of the fact that my noble sovereign lord still lives in the castle built by my ancestors. I am proud of the fact that in this day and age I can still stand tall and shout Haro! Haro! Haro! À l'aide, mon Prince, on me fait tort. (Yes I know I should be down on one knee but bear with me I'm swelling with pride here) Oh I feel quite overcome
  19. Gotcha!!!! I must admit I felt a little bad as I did my shopping at lunchtime. I remembered that, as a child, we always used to take the p155 out of the English when they come over on holiday. We would pretend not to understand them when they tried to pronounce placenames and send them off in the wrong direction. Then, when I got older and had a Saturday job we would look for any excuse to wind them up. For example most 'englanders' wouldn't want local currency mixed up with their change as it wasn't legal tender in the UK. If they asked nicely we would exchange it but if they said something like 'oh I don't want any of that foreign money' we would apologise, retrieve the change and replace it completely with local currency. When they complained we would simply say 'but you said you didn't want any foreign money'. When they complained further we'd say "well at least our pound is worth a pound, yours is only worth 50p as 25p belongs to the Arabs for the oil and 25p belongs to the IMF for the loan.? Funnily enough I once had a Scotsman in who looked at the 20p piece I gave him and asked if I could change a 50p into local currency as he wanted to take it home and give it to his son as a gift. We were taught at school about our constitutional relationship with the crown, how the Queen wasn't our queen, how Westminster had no jurisdiction and most of us were proud of the fact that our ancestors helped conquer the country in 1066. Although 'technically' you could argue we were more British than anyone other than the anglo saxons, when the hordes of tourists weren't there, we didn't give the United Kingdom much thought. We had our own laws, our own parliament, our own taxes, and yes our own language. Oh and the main religion is Methodism. Truth is Ken being British encompasses a whole range of people. Don't confuse it with just being English. À tantôt
  20. I don't think you can use culture to define Britishness. Far too broad a church. How many different 'native tongues' are there? How many religions? How many different laws of the land. I guarantee you, despite being British, my culture and traditions are totally different to yours.
  21. Sorry I've never got the point of National pride. I have never served in the armed forces, never been a member of the civil service, never stood for parliment. Why should I claim credit for things I took no active part in? There are shining lights in Britains history along with dark times. Should I spend my life being ashamed of the dark times because of my place of birth? In my life I have been fortunate enough to have taken part in events that have made me proud to be a human being. That'll do.
  22. I'm with EuroTrash, it is what it is. I hardly had a say in the matter. I do, however, like Ken make the distinction between being British and being English ( I'm the former ). Ironically I was called a 'foreigner' more times when I lived in the UK than I've ever been in France.
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