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  1. Perhaps they'll end up introducing a 'caution'. Return the plate or you won't get your 10 euros back.
  2. I've been a member of this forum for nearly 20 years. We've certainly had some characters over the years and some heated debates. I would submit that only recently they have become "infantile".
  3. I think the saddest thing is that there appears to be one or two people on this forum who wait for any opportunity to launch onto their favourite hobby horse. I started this thread and, although I admit it's hardly the most riveting piece of news, it is France related and I was genuinely interested in hearing people's views. In response I was accused of being feckless and deserving of anything that befell me. Norman answered the question and was promptly derided for his apparent lifestyle. It's no wonder people don't want to post anymore. As it is I was going to post something else today but, frankly as I can already guess what the responses would be, I won't bother.
  4. In a national Poll conducted between the 25th of November and the 5th of December of a sample of 10189 french adults ( chosen to reflect a cross section of the population ) it was shown that 9 out of 10 French people were happy with their lives in their communes. When asked to give examples, 'calm and tranquility' along with the access to services were rated as "high" or " very high". The one out of ten who expressed dissatisfaction gave security and lack of local shops as examples. https://harris-interactive.fr/opinion_polls/barometre-habitat-2022/
  5. You can't equate economic migrants ( in which I include myself ) with the native population. Most of us immigrated to France because we believed we would have a better life. Those of us still here probably, on balance, still believe that to be the case. If not we would have moved on. I see no point in constantly having it pointed out to me that not all France lives as I do. I already know that and yet I still decide to remain. One has to ask ALBF, why are you still here? I agree but no one said anything about the UK in this thread or any other recently. I remind you the subject was till receipts.
  6. Thanks. That is the new site I was referring to but I hadn't thought of searching for a specific supermarket with it. You can also search using place names so, if you always shop in a particular town, you can limit it that way. I just think it's a shame that there isn't a way to subscribe for the latest recalls like there used to be on the old site. Still, from the looks of it, I'm glad I haven't bought any oysters recently🤢
  7. Just heard this one on the radio. Jerry Parr was the secret service agent credited with saving Ronald Reagan's life during the assassination attempt of 1981. His fast reactions, pushing the president into the limousine, prevented Reagan from being hit in the head. Once inside he checked the President for blood before ordering they went back to the White house. Reagan was in pain from what he thought was a bruised rib and when he started bleeding from the mouth assumed it was nothing more than a cut lip. Parr instead correctly guessed it was internal bleeding and diverted the motorcade to George Washington Hospital where it was discovered that the president had, in fact, been shot and the bullet had punctured his lung. Apparently Jerry Parr had always wanted to work in the secret service ever since he was a child when, at nine years old, his father took him to the movies to see a film called " The Code of the Secret Service". The star - a young Ronald Reagan.
  8. Interesting. I'm assuming you have loyalty cards for those stores, otherwise how would they know your phone number? I'm finding my shopping habits are becoming more and more diverse and I'm using the cards I have less and less. In fact the last time I popped into a SuperU I discovered my card had been cancelled through lack of use. Bit of a shame as it had money on it.😒. There used to be a great website that you could subscribe to and receive weekly emails with all the product recalls but it closed in 2017. The new one is nowhere near as good IMO. You have to know what product you are looking for. Again, onus on the consumer.
  9. Wow Ken, I'm impressed!!! How you manage to keep in your head the shelf price of every item in your weekly food shop plus any promotions along with a running total is frankly amazing. That's a talent I'd pay to have😵. I suppose the checkout staff know you so well that when you tell them they've overcharged you they simply take you at your word. I agree in part with the 'waste' argument but paper is biodegradable ( as it happens, I have a little piece of kit that uses things like receipts to make firelighters). I have no problem with stores only issuing receipts on demand but I think it shouldn't be on the consumer to ensure they have a proof of purchase. Ireland haven't had automatic receipts for a while but it is up to the store to ensure that the customer is given the choice. Over here, as I understand it, it will be up to the customer to insist. That, IMHO tilts the balance of power away from the consumer.
  10. As you probably know most shops, including supermarkets, will be no longer issuing paper till receipts at the checkout from the 1st January. Apparently if you have a loyalty card it will be sent to the associated email address or to your smart phone. I always check the receipt before leaving the supermarket and at least four times a year will find errors in the bill. I wonder how you are going to be able to prove you didn't buy that crate of champagne if you have to wait to get home to read the email. Is everyone going to be standing at the checkout checking their smartphones? Normally I'm too busy loading up the trolley to watch the items get scanned individually but it usually takes less than a minute to speed read the receipt whilst heading for the door. I, for one, will be asking for a 'ticket' for some time to come. What about you?
  11. Are you referring to my contribution to this thread? If that is the case, my 'evidence' is the obituaries of the time and his own papers on the subject. Lehaut's contribution gave the impression Professor Micheals was still alive and working for Cato. I was attempting to dispel that misconception and point out that although he was funded by the fossil fuel industry he made no attempt to hide it. The video you link to was not made recently.
  12. Small couple of interjections. Professor Michaels has always admitted that the majority of his founding comes from the fossil fuel industry and that he was retained as an expert by the coal industry. He is deceased.
  13. It means with working in collaboration with another medical profession. Before my doctor retired he went "en binome" with another doctor for a couple of years. Think job-share.
  14. Fine, but only red or yellow. Green gives me heartburn.
  15. Absolute Zero (2019 publication) Do I get a prize?
  16. Well maybe somebody up there likes me😇 The telegraph article mentions the charity who organised the trip so I found the story on their website. If anyone else wants to read this story but has your 'paywall' problem they can get it here. https://www.taxicharity.org/post/veteran-reg-pye-finds-the-french-girl-he-has-been-looking-for-since-wwii
  17. That's strange, no paywall came up for me. I can read it fine and I'm not a subscriber.
  18. You owned it on the first of January therefore you are liable for the whole year. It might seem odd to you but it's the way it is. If you had bought another house in France its' TF & TdH would have to be paid by the previous owner until January 1st 2023. I've looked up the second home issue and you have no exclusions or reductions I'm afraid. https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F34715 I should warn you, late payment incurs a 10% surcharge.
  19. Both Taxe d'habitation and Taxe fonciere are paid by whoever owns a property on 1st January for that year. Selling it later in the year doesn't change your liability. It's true that a lot of Notaires will include a clause in the sale whereby the Taxe fonciere is split prorata but is is not a legal requirement as far as the tax authorities are concerned. For your notaire to do this your buyer would have had to agree in advance. https://www.impots.gouv.fr/particulier/questions/jai-achete-vendu-un-bien-immobilier-cette-annee-dois-je-payer-une-partie-de-la https://reassurez-moi.fr/guide/immobilier/taxe-habitation
  20. I love the fact the kid is wearing a mask🤭
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