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  1. Thankyou for the last two replies. Catalpa, could I please ask.. your local friend, does he take these items back by van and if so is it UK registered or french registered? Can't decide where to hire a van from if I go ahead with this. Thanks again
  2. Thank you for all the replies.... Food for thought!!! Beginning to think it may be cheaper to buy again in the UK rather than pass on family heirlooms. What a sad state of affairs!!! After reading and trying to understand all the UK Gov site "Rubbish", I think it's pretty clear that all this nonsense has been decided upon for company's and import/export businesses, but the poor "man in the street" has been caught in the middle and dumped in to these ridiculous rules/regulations. Why the hell should I pay duty on furniture I brought from the UK to France in 2005 and all I want to do is take some of it back for my children to enjoy.... It really beggars belief.... Rant over!!! Thanks again to all who replied
  3. Hi, We wish to go back to the UK for a visit soon but not sure of the implications regarding the following. Wish to take back an expensive surround sound receiver for repair as I cannot get anyone to look at it here in France. Also wish to take some furniture back to my son who has moved house and needs furniture that we have in excess!! Notably, an Irish antique table an chairs that belonged to his grandmother, plus some other items, e.g, occasional tables and a bed frame made for him by his father. When exploring the UK gov website, it goes into detail about a TOR1 form, but reading this it is for people moving residence to the UK, which we aren't! If anyone has any insight into this I would really appreciate your help, or a telephone number for the relevant department in the UK that I could discuss this with!! Thanks for reading.
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