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  1. Going through a nasty divorce with my British husband , with all our assets in France. Married in France, with standard marriage contract. Sadly I invested over 100,00 euros into the house that’s e both moved into together , but that is in my husbands name. He has abandoned the marital home and moved in with a new girlfriend ( during the confinement into our holiday home we both own ) He has stripped that holiday home of our furniture and all my personal kayaking sports equipment and personal items . He has now broken into our marital home ( surveillance photos of him and two other men )while I was visiting my sick mum in the U.K. and changed the locks , making me homeless . All my personal possessions are still there and most of the furniture from my previous home . I am having problems with my divorce lawyers ,( gross incompetence the local police , who have refused over 3 years to take a complaint about my husbands violence and the bank , that allowed him to withdraw money from my personal account. If anyone could recommend a good lawyer or even suggest a way I can defend myself to get my possessions and investment back I would appreciate it .
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