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  1. We want to replace our current toilet with a more modern one, plus the addition of a sink with a vanity unit under. Also, to see whether its possible to reinstall the shower. Location Puivert
  2. Much appreciated Harnser. If I ever do receive a scale of taxes/duty from the French customs service, I will post on here. Shall have to hunt out the old invoices for the goods we are taking!
  3. Hi all, we have had our holiday home in southern France for 17 years and our sofa, beds etc. need replacing. As our ones in the UK are in really good nick and we'd like a change, we thought we'd bring them to France (or actually a "man with a van" will). Have scoured the various customs websites and just can't a definitive answer to how to calculate any duty we would have to pay at the border (if any). The sofas are around 8 years old and the mattress and beds are less than that, so how do we calculate their value? Secondhand in UK they're probably not worth more than a couple of hundred. Has anyone transported furniture since the new rules came in and if so, any advice please? I did email the French customs website which aims to clarify the rules, but surprisingly no response!!
  4. They also tested the available download speed at the property, its 5mbs per second!! Fibre coming in June apparently
  5. Appreciate all these replies, very helpful indeed. We have a 130cm dish but can't receive any decent programmes from the UK or France apart from the God channels and sometimes a shopping channel. Never had a problem until 2015 and despite upgrading satellite box/dish, absolutely nothing for the past 6 years. Agree with most others, French TV is absolutely awful. Have organised phone line and broadband connection (phone line was installed but never connected 12 years ago) so am hoping it will be OK although we have just been informed that despite me telling the agent on the phone that we wouldn't be coming to France for another month (but someone would be able to see the engineer into the house) the router will be delivered to a central depot some 30kms from our house and must be collected within 7 days. So have had to cancel because I can't ask my neighbour to go all that way to pick it up. Honestly!
  6. Thank you so much Gluestick, very helpful website. Will get onto it today!!
  7. We don't currently have a phone line but need to have one installed in order to get Internet and UK TV - we do not need a home phone (unless its included for free in any plan) or a mobile contract. Is such a package available in France? Therefore firstly, how do we go about getting a phone line installed. Is it best to go with a company who will install the line and then use their "package" or as someone suggested, get the line installed and then shop around for a good deal. I have tried navigating several different providers websites to see what's on offer but in order to contact you need to already have a log in or current contract! Any suggestions or recommendations would be great especially if they have an English speaking helpline. Thank you all
  8. Thank you so much Cajal. Have discovered that after 3 recent changes of management personnel, the latest incumbent is Anthony Gast and I have managed to contact him successfully.
  9. We would normally go into the branch but because of Covid we haven't been able to visit France as much as we would usually. We have several account queries which we've been trying to sort out these past months but the branch either don't answer the phone or do not respond to messages left. We used to deal with the manager direct, Tegan Pickering, but this email has come back "undelivered", we tried another two names we were given, both were successfully sent but received "out of office" messages. The return dates for these people has long since passed but still no response from either. Does anyone know the name of the current manager at Quillan branch.
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