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  1. " As for Liz Truss, quite obviously you don't like her and revert to insults as the default. As far as I'm aware and I stand to be corrected, she didn't call France a 'foe' at all. " [Ken] "Friend or foe?" - "The jury's out". So what do you think that meant other than an appeal to gammon FPTP to Leader/PM?
  2. Camden Lock was already cool in the mid 80s! We (with young son) used to go (from Hampstead) there quite often at weekends - there were a couple of good restaurants and the puppet theatre was superb.
  3. "I would prefer a more lively discussion on any number of subjects"[Ken] OK, so why not start one or two?
  4. We had 5 stère of wood (ca. 3000 kg) delivered into our courtyard Saturday, so of course we have had rain since and lots more expected over the next 3 days. We have a lot of plastic sheets to keep it more-or-less covered until it is shifted into our wood store; last time it took us about a month for 4 stère.
  5. During the Senate enquiry it was established (I think it was the guy from the FFF, but don't recall excatly) that Real Madrid received 6.000 paper tickets. The number of paper tickets for Liverpool was not stated. Apparently, it is normal for the clubs to receive paper tickets for internal distribution.
  6. Yes, figuring out an edf bill requires a minimum of BAC+8 (speciality in maths/statistics might help) as well as substantial knowledge of "la divination".
  7. Having 3 nationalities, 3 passports, a family that has, over the past 3 centuries, established branches in Canada, USA, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, France, Spain, South Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand (at least half of them still flourishing) I can't help feeling that this thread is, if occasionally entertaining, strangely parochial and that for a country in which all/most of us do not live.
  8. The history of the origins of fish and chips is fascinating. Earlier generations of 'boat people' immigrants brought first fried fish (by sephardic Jews from Spain via Portugal) and then fried potato (Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe) to London. The two supposedly being first combined by Joseph Malin in the East End of London in mid 19th Century. There are also links back to 6th Century Persia and thence perhaps to Russia, raising the fascinating question of whether before or after 882 when Prince Oleg of Novgorod seized Kiev. What's that about history rhyming? https://foodicles.com/fish-and-chips-history/
  9. " Rural areas (where most Brits live LOL) voted MLP." (ALBF) Take a careful look at the map below. A huge rural swathe from the West to the SW and across to the E (mostly as rural as you can get) voted Macron. https://www.lemonde.fr/les-decodeurs/article/2022/04/25/resultats-de-la-presidentielle-visualisez-les-votes-ville-par-ville-sur-notre-carte-interactive_6123495_4355771.html
  10. One of my all-time favourite movies is 'Z'. My wife (then girlfriend) and I saw it in Paris not long after its release. Much more recently, my younger son and I had the chance to watch it, in the presence of Costa-Gavras in Goutrens (of Georges Rouquier fame - Farrebique & Biquefarre; Rouquier played the role of 'procureur général in Z). I had forgotten that Perrin played the extremely important role of the journalist/photographer and, perhaps even more importantly, helped to ensure its production.
  11. Technically, the rate to use is that applicable on the day of receipt (not transfer) of any GBP. I have done this on a spreadsheet using the official rate for the day (https://www.banque-france.fr/statistiques/taux-et-cours/les-taux-de-change-salle-des-marches/parites-quotidiennes & note the 'en cliquant ici' which gives all the historical data) for about 15 years now. OK, for my wife and I, that now involves some 46 receipts (plus a dozen or so for my 'revenus d'activité' in GBP, most being in €). I suppose it's a bit of a faff, but it takes only an hour (maximum). Even when I was working 100+ hours/week (35???), I did not find it difficult to fir that in.
  12. Our département has always voted centre-right and continued this year to do so. There was, though, a difference; previously, it was always LR, but this time LREM (the French Tory party) came out on top with the 'official LR' 6th (5th in my commune). Interesting sondage from this morning concerning Mélenchon supporters intentions for 24th: just under half (with nose pegs) to Macron with about 1/4 each for Le Pen and abstention.
  13. Yes, same for the one in Le Monde, which went somewhat deeper (two levels). For me, it was the same - the candidate closest to my views (and who I always intended to vote for) has no chance.
  14. Thank God, makes sure I don't read it.
  15. Le certificat prévention et secours civiques de niveau 1, en abrégé PSC1, est la formation de base aux premiers secours en France.
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