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  1. Last year I used a comparator for insurance on our new car. The cheapest quote was then beaten by our bank (Caisse d'épargne). We currently have a quote for house insurance (again from Caisse d'épargne) which has better cover and is cheaper than our existing insurance (also with Caisse d'épargne!), so sometimes the banks can be OK.
  2. "the UK leads Europe in the number of people who have been vaccinated" 12/39 according to Euronews - they give stats for the whole continent. https://www.euronews.com/2021/11/17/covid-19-vaccinations-in-europe-which-countries-are-leading-the-way 12/28 according to Politico's Live data tracker - just EU+UK. https://www.politico.eu/article/coronavirus-vaccination-europe-live-data-tracker-coverage/ 1/the planet, the universe, ... (source UK Gov).
  3. It's not just the "emmerder". A President ought not to fan the flames of a cleavage in society. He (or an Elysée spokesperson) later clarified that he was responding to... "J’avais en face à moi deux soignantes qui me disaient ‘nous, on pense qu’il ne faut plus soigner les gens quand ils ne sont pas vaccinés quand ils arrivent aux urgences" There have been opinion pieces (& some opinion polls) suggesting that 30% of the population (UK, France, and others) would like to rid their hospitals of the unvaccinated by denying them entry and/or kicking them out (or worse). Macron, in Le Parisien, said ... "Ça, c’est l’immense faute morale des antivax : ils viennent saper ce qu’est la solidité d’une nation. Quand ma liberté vient menacer celle des autres, je deviens un irresponsable. Un irresponsable n’est plus un citoyen". My emphasis. He sounds more like Priti Patel there. Fanning the flames is a very bad idea for society. 30% of a population is a critically dangerous mass and one should read the works of (at least) Gustave Le Bon, Hannah Arendt, Stanley Milgram, and today, Prof. Mattias Desmet of Ghent University to see where this sort of thing leads.
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