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  1. We have no shutters on our maison secondaire. This summer we double checked and found our French combined / building policy covers us for contents insurance for up to value of 30,000 Euros. If we wanted higher cover we would need to fit shutters. Jayne.
  2. This is NOT something to joke about. You are appear to be ignorant to the devastation caused by these floods as well a being offensive to the people of Hull. YOU may be able to see the"humour" in the situation but with over 15000 homes being affected, with most people being unable to return for at least 9 months it is NO joke!
  3. We have taken ours in hand luggage a few times - No problems to date!
  4. Bought a Tassimo machine 2 months ago. Excellent, best coffee machine I've had. So easy to use. Uses pods to make different types of hot drinks filter coffeee (incl Decaff), cappucino (loveley!), tea, and hot chocolate. When I was last over in France found you could buy different pods eg. for mint tea. Thinking of buying a second one for our home in France. Janey.
  5. Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply! Andrew I will pm you!
  6. Hi! Can anyone recommend a good book to help complete beginners maintain their pool? Does anyone have any experience of automatic chlorinators? Thanks!
  7. Can anybody offer any help and advice on the practicalities of getting a holiday home looked after when you're not there? We are looking to buy in Poitou Charentes (possibly Vienne) and would like some idea on how easy it is to get someone to look after a small garden and pool, and roughly at what cost. Also do you leave a small amount of money available for minor repairs etc. Do most of you holiday home owners use agencies or more casual help? Any advice would be welcome - We don't want to end up with our property and then think NOW what do we do!! Thanks!
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