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  1. Thanks Anton. That's very helpful. We are just off to Australia for three months (to visit our daughter and grandchildren), but when we return we'll check out your suggestions. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks so much everyone! The problem with our TV is that the BBC channels have a "hiccup" which tends to swallow one or more vital words. The Sky free channels are OK, as are the French ones.I think we probably need to find an English TV repairer who will understand the difficulty. Would appreciate any further suggestions (otherwise we'll try Gitem in Torigny).
  3. I know exactly what you mean, Llwyncelyn. Although we have been happily settled in Normandy for several years and have many French friends, with advancing years my husband and I feel the need to be less isolated and perhaps (dare I say it?) even to be nearer our own people - the British! We would prefer to stay in Basse Normandy, though, so can anyone tell us where in Normandy most Brits live?
  4. What is the general view on the Brittany Ferries Property Owners Club? Is it worth belonging to – and, if so, is it better to join the UK branch or the French branch? (We live permanently in France).
  5. Our cleaning lady (femme de ménage) is looking for more hours work in the area of Torigny/Condé/St Aman/St Jean des Baisants etc. Please email If interested.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant in the St Lo area?
  7. Does anyone know of a Honda agency in the Manche area? We need to get our car lights changed before we can register our car, but we can't find anyone who'll do it.

    Alternatively, would it be possible to register the car while using those black strips on the lights?

    Any advice on the subject would be appreciated.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good tax adviser, please? (We live near St Lo).
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