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  1. Great, many thanks all, this really helps as at least I know something is out there!

    I've just always found it easy enough, and only very occasional interference during heavy rain.. I'll keep trying, and maybe go on to the new LNB..

    My setup is with SCR/Unicable and am sure I've always used the Satlink 'finder' on the legacy output set to "universal" LNB..

    Hmmm... Yet more time spent sorting some basics while the house needs plenty of less 'basic' work!

    ... and maybe I'll start much earlier in the day, doing this up a ladder in full sun/30c is not the most condusive to homing in on a tiny pin point of a setting...

  2. .. many thanks.

    Recently? I'm struggling to remember what the 'other forum' was? (I've been on here for years, though I've had to re-register as my account seemed to have been closed)..


  3. Hi.. I hope someone might help before I go bonkers trying!

    I've had very good dish reception for years (100cm) and just last week was getting slight break-up of signal, then it was ok for a couple of days, then nothing. Are there any issues with the transponder(s) at the moment? I'm quite South - Aude/Herault border.

    For days running I've been trying to find any signal at all (I have an electonic Satlink finder) and I've even plugged the Humax/TV set near where the dish is to try that too (it's how I always used to do it, and I'd even get great signal with just an 80cm dish). I've also tried a new LNB (no difference) so have reverted to my trusty Inverto.

    The only thing I've not tried is a different cable from LNB to receiver (or finder) but the one I'm using is a really strong moulded plug type that came with the Satlink finder (I'm pretty sure the cable is fine as the connections are factory made)..

    Am I looking for something that's just not there right now?

    Many thanks in advance..

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