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  1. Second jab - Pfizer - last Thursday.  Four week interval.
  2. The UK tax doesn't get declared.  It is irrelevant as far as the French are concerned.  You are given a credit against the tax on your total global income, at the rate you would have paid tax in France. The level at which you pay tax is the level that corresponds to your global income. For example if you had a UK State pension it would be taxed in France but, if that was all you declared, you would only pay tax at the level that corresponds to it.   That would normally mean, with the amount of UK State pension, that you wouldn't pay any tax on it but that would be inequitable as your total income, in the example you gave, would demand a higher level of taxation.  Think of the various tax bands that apply. As an aside, if you are in receipt of a UK State pension, be clear when you are dealing with the French tax authorities, that it is equivalent to a French pension from one of the Caisses as the mention of the word "State" immediately makes them think that  you were a fonctionnaire and that it is effectively a private pernsion.  Just for the sake of clarity. Some years ago I was subject to a dip check by my local tax office.  I went to see them and, as a result of that, I did a paper for them explaining the set up in UK regarding State pensions and private pensions.
  3. The situation changed some years ago.  Previously you declared the gross amount of relevant  pension and the amount of UK tax paid.  A credit was then given for the amount of tax paid at the UK level.   Now you have to declare the gross amount of pension and a credit is given for the amount of French tax which would have been paid on the gross.   This makes a difference when the level of taxation in France differs from that in the UK so the credit may not (usually doesn't!) tally with what was paid.   The global income has to be declared to establish the correct level of French tax to be paid on any income other than the UK pension.   I trust that helps.                                        
  4. Ring your pharmacy and ask them if they have a "liste d'attente" for the vaccine. I rang our local pharmacy last week on behalf of MoH and they took our phone number with a promise to ring once they had more information. We will see if it works but worth seeing if yours will be doing anything similar.
  5. If you go tomorrow you'll be a bit early for your Sunday jab.[:)]
  6.  If and when it comes to pass, the pharmacies "giving" the vaccine suggests to me a similar situation to the flu jab where you will get an ordonnance from the MT (that bit might be cut out) and the nurse will administer the jab. Might be wrong but I can't see any pharmacy having the facilities to do otherwise.
  7. Be careful about how much weight you lose.  Fine if you have the "scope" but can be detrimental to your health if you lose too much or too quickly. Extreme I know, but three years ago I was very ill, twice in reanimation, I lost 20 kilos and went from 92 to 72.  Lost so much strength and muscle that initially couldn't even sit up in bed without assistance.  Thankfully back to as normal as I am ever likely to get. Just a thought.
  8. I am also concerned about the situation here in France.  My wife, who is 72 tomorrow, is looking at months before she is likely to get her vaccination. My post was to underline the difficulties being experienced here.
  9. "In English, it's easier because one can always use they.  As in "For everyone who has a problem with this, they can be reassured that there is a solution"." Except one and anyone are singular.[:D]
  10. Had my first one yesterday.  Next one was already programmed for 11 March. Nearest centre was Nontron (30 minutes away).  They only had enough vaccines for 26 yesterday and the lady told me that they had a waiting list of 600!! OH still not eligible.  Whilst I was there, there was a couple of people who turned up on spec to see if they could get a vaccination - no chance.
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