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  1. When you are selling you are required to have the diagnostics done and also,separately, a control of the fosse septique.  These have to be available to the buyer.

    If the fosse does not conform, the purchaser has a year to correct this.  This can obviously be a bargaining point.

    We have just accepted an offer on the house and, pleased to say, the fosse conformed.

  2. Regarding the issue of the S1 (E121) being automatic, it might well depend on his situation when he came to France.  Not definitive but I believe, if he claimed his pension before coming to France, he would not automatically receive an S1 and would have to apply for it separately.

    If he claimed his UK pension after coming to France issue of the S1 would be automatic.

    Might have affected his situation  vis a vis Ameli.

  3. He is apparently standing as an independent:


    Xavier Bertrand, cavalier solitaire

    Le patron des

    Républicains a également appelé les différents candidats de son parti et

    ceux qui n'en sont pas (ou plus) membres "à la responsabilité" et à se

    "mettre d’accord". Il "ne peut pas y avoir deux candidats de la droite

    et du centre", a-t-il martelé. 

    Le message était notamment destiné

    à Xavier Bertrand, réélu fin juin à la tête de la région des

    Hauts-de-France et candidat déclaré à la présidentielle, mais plus

    membre des Républicains
    . Sur TF1 mardi soir, Xavier Bertrand a pourtant

    assuré qu'il ne sera "pas candidat une primaire" de la droite.


    primaire n’a pas laissé que des bons souvenirs à droite et a été source

    de divisions", a-t-il argué, "à chaque fois, vous avez les différences

    qui deviennent, des divisions et pour beaucoup de nos concitoyens, pour

    beaucoup d’électeurs de la droite et du centre, on voit bien que ce sont

    bien plus souvent des machines à perdre". Il a également assuré n'être

    candidat qu'à "un mandat unique pour vraiment redresser le pays sans

    contraintes et sans calculs".

  4. "For

    those who refuse to criticise the wonderful eu - just what has to be

    done by the eu before there is any criticism from the eu fanatics.  And

    why do those who cannot criticise the eu resort to insults and personal

    abuse.   Isn't there a saying about that............... !!"  

    If I were an "EU fanatic" I think I might find that a bit insulting. 

  5. I don't do social media because, rightly or wrongly, I do not trust them.  My choice.

    In relation to getting information about exchange of Uk driving licences, I can get it from official sites should I need to.  However, I have no need for it as I have had a French driving licence for the past 15 years.

  6. [quote user="Meek Megan "]Armed forces police from all branches in the UK receive excellent training and participate daily in police work, albeit on military bases or with military personnel. I am sure that they would do a reasonable job on the streets to assist or temporarily replace the civil police if it ever became necessary. I suspect that the same applies to the French armed forces.[/quote]

    That would require a change in the law.  Policing as such by the military is a no no in the UK.

    Assisting the Civil Force in emergency is permitted but, as I said, not policing.

  7. Some of us are still taxed in UK.  We also pay taxes in France.  What you are saying is taxation without representation,

    Seem to recall a little incident in Boston USA a few years ago.

  8.  Crossing the Bay of Biscay singlehanded from La Coruna to Falmouth in 1997 one evening I had a stormy petrel fly aboard.  It flew round the cabin and then landed on my collar.  Put my hand up and it hopped onto my finger.

    I then took it up into the cockpit and it perched on a rope.  It was startled by a bit of gear moving and I stroked it for a while and it settled down and then stuck its head under a wing and went to sleep.

    Stayed there for a couple of hours then flew off.

    Apparently it isn't unusual for them to "hitch a lift" on vessels to have a rest.  Something you never forget.

  9. There may, or there may not, be some foundation on the claims about the Pfizer vaccine. However I have had both Pfizer injections with no reaction and MoH has had her first Pfizer injection also with no reaction.

    It may be that we have been exceptions but, whatever the case, I don't find the media to be the most reliable source of information for the efficacy or otherwise of the various vaccines.

    In fact, I don't find the media a reliable source for much information!  I find it best to take all their reporting with a very large pinch of salt.

  10. Gardien isn't being asked whether or not he/she wishes for criminal proceedings to take place ("enact a criminal charge").  They are already in hand. 

    All that is being asked is, in the event of a conviction, does he/she wish to make a claim for compensation.

    It is quite a normal procedure and is described here: https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_rights_of_victims_of_crime_in_criminal_proceedings-171-ES-maximizeMS-en.do?clang=en&idSubpage=8&member=1

    There is similar provision in the UK Courts.

    Gardien appears to be taking the pragmatic view that the accused are probably "men of straw" and there is little point in pursing a claim. 

    It is entirely a matter for Gardien who patently wishes to put it behind him/her.

  11. Is it alright if I mention that I managed to get appointments for MoH yesterday? 

    Went on the Doctolib site and got her appointments for16 April and 14 May.  Over 70s ( she is just over but still looks younger to me[:D]).  I know I'm a flanneller.

    Appointments are in Limoges but, as we are midway between Périgueux and Limoges it  isn't a problem.

    Today there are now some appointments showing for some centres in department 24 on the Santé,fr site but they are disappearing rapidly.

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