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  1. Got another pathetic PM of judge ALKY  ie Mr korigan he is really mad and seems to think I have an untaxed car and work on the black for my beer money just because I dared to answer him back he says that I will be leaving france soon (some strange ramblings of a poor confused lad I do feel a little sorry for him)but as I  find it quite funny I have no intention of reporting him to the mods because quite frankly it does not bother me at all and this time he did not use swear words so maybe little by little he is improving   keep it up  although another member has informed me of nasty PMs from this same guy so come on TY put that little brain into gear before sending out your poison the best thing is not to count to ten but leave it until the next day and just to get it straight my car is not taxed because it is French and I do not work on the black or the white as I am having a year off   if that is alright with you TK   Oh and sorry MRS Viva I did not think you were a lady will not happen again I promise
  2. "Who is the certain member richard ? Inform and let us stick up for the under dog." Miki If you go to http://forums.livingfrance.com/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=285&MessageID=247605 You will see a perfect example of the guy (who I do not know) being hounded and this was posted after my message  You will see him posting a bit of advice and then being atacked by one of "judge Alky,s" hired hands they would love to cyber lynch him and is a perfect example of the spoiling of this helpful forum Mr viva I would not expect any less from you as you are allso one of the hired hands   these are strange utterings " "Then I note that you have some previous connection with the debt recovery industry, a vocation that I won't comment on! I'm sorry I just can't figure you out! is it that you are you a car clamper in St Malo now, making a fortune and don't wnat anyone to queer your pitch"? debt recovery is important and my job was looking after small traders who were ripped off by some people who allmost made a living out of fraud
  3. www.infobel.com/world/default.asp Very handy we used to use when we had to collect bad debts
  4. "I thought that TK was being grown up" If you think a man creeping around a car park thinking he is judge and jury committing criminal damage to other peoples property is being grown up what I can I say I of course do not agree with having no insurance I just do not like the methods judge alky proposes to stop it There is a little gang on this forum that comprises of verbal bullies and naturally stick together and why not they can all pat each other on the back and agree with each other even if its total tosh I have been watching the way they are hounding a certain member even if he posts helpful advice they jump on his post and slag him off in the most nasty way I am quite surprised that they are allowed to but I suppose this is a grown ups forum and we can all speak up for ourselves it therefore quite surprised me to recieve a nasty personal message from judge alky who it appears does like getting any negative response to his utter tosh still live and let live I have thick skin  
  5. Just look at this guys (TY) last twenty postings  and see the venom that this man spits out  is this really what a forum is for You are soiling a very good forum with your alcohol fuelled crap   Take a chill pill man
  6.   Oh cry baby TY wants everyone to agree with his crap otherwise he sends baby messages  I got your PM and it made me laugh You know how to give a lot of crap to a lot of people who do not fit in with your idea of TYs personal police state but sadly you wet yourself when you get just a little back grow up
  7. I would have thought criminal damage is a lot more serious than a tax offence and who the hell is TY a policeman now or is he just bored because I would love to see him creeping around with his pliers and getting caught by the police or the owner  but thinking again the more crap people speak the less actions they do and some of you make a good little team with him this forum should be about helping folks out.  TY you are a sad little man to advocate pulling peoples valves out, I was thinking how easy it would be for them to find you through this forum because there is a good chance they are on this forum   
  8. Respect for standing your ground against all   it must have took a bit of bottle  
  9. richard... Why not register and make a go of it chap eh?... Not a lot of point because unless I am mistaken you do not need a  siret for working on your own house and i am that busy working on it that it may be a while before I can do anything else  But good luck on your business everyone need a bit of luck as well as working hard to make a go of any business in france  Why not just tell him you are watching him and you could tell the authorities if you wanted. Im sure most people would stop working on the side with that black cloud hanging over them
  10. Fantastic and I am so glad that those that deserve to be stuffed (the landlord)  had to pay out I hope it was a lot  Im happy for you and the tenant
  11. Very sorry I have always been a bad speller. but I think we know what I meant  If you go over the post again you will see were I was coming from To say I condone black work because I say that it is a bit low to grass on some guy doing a little work that is not his main job in order to keep his head afloat in this impossible to work country is nothing short of fantasy May I ask if you work here in France? asks ty  Only a bit of building work now and then and sometimes I do some gardening  when I am bored  
  12. You have to agree with this man otherwise he gets childish and starts slagging you off ,its getting far too clicky for me this post  .oh well said   top oh to you to those that agree with him you support my little story and I will support yours and if you do not agree we will slag your business off etc  well I will leave you to it  I thought I was childish but you beat me fair and square   No more on this subject from me and I suppose welsh Dave has worked it out as well   and the sensible ones(not me obviously too daft for that) they know better than to get involved, when will I ever learn?
  13. Might it be worth advertising it on ebay on a normal price buy it now  sceme but realy use it for a free advert   you may get some bookings without even going through the ebay auction part by send seller a question
  14. No matter how many people shout about it I still do not agree with grassing on Brits   or french people but I think there must be a lot of different type of people who use these forums and everyones got a different idea on things so everyone to there own
  15. Grassing on a fellow brit who himself could be struggling is a bit low in fact its very low and anyone doing it should be despised by all but maybe you went to a different school than me "teameup" everyone to ther own thoughts on this I suppose
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