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  1. Hi,

    I hope someone here might be able to help please. I need to submit tax forms for my Mum, and also my Dad who dies last year. My Dad always did the tax forms himself, so there's no local person in France to help.

    I nor my Mum do not speak French very well or understand the tax system. The paperwork arrived in the UK past the deadline and I've been trying to contact somewhere that speaks English without any luck. I have two tax forms, one with both names and one with only my Mums. They didn't have complex incomes or savings so should be straight forwards, apart from it being late.


    Dad died early 2020
    Mum returned to UK late 2020
    House sold Jan 2020.
    Area - 65700

    The bank account has two monthly outgoings that I could do with some help identifying as the bank is not too helpful:
    Priv Direction Generale Des Finances. Prelevement A La Source Revenus2021 (which I think is paying for last years' tax)
    Priv Direction Generale Des Finances. 65xxxxxxxxxxx65 222 MEME365xxxxxxxxxxx8 Impot Tf then a long reference number ending with Core.


  2. Hi, thanks for the help guys.

    The idea was to maximise the amount for my mother, I'm not wanting any share, nor is my brother. I did read that if there is no hand written will, in this case if it's not useable, then the split is 1/3 to my brother, 1/3 to myself, 1/4 to my mother and the final 1/12 to whomever he elected. None of this seems straight forward, made all the more troublesome by what everyone is going through at present. Tricky times ahead!

  3. Hi,

    I'd appreciate

    some help with the situation my Mum is going to be in soon, there’s a limited amount

    she’ll be able to do herself so I need to help out as much as possible.


    • House is

      owned 50/50 with my brother, he does not live there.
    • Our father

      will pass away soon.
    • Our father

      wrote a handwritten will, making reference to 2015 EU Regulation 650/2012 (Brussels

      IV) about dividing up his share.
    • The house

      needs to be sold in order for my mother to return to the UK

    I have lots

    of questions and would really appreciate any comments or directions:

    • Help

      guide me though the process after his death.
    • How house

      selling works in France. There’s a lot of advice out there, but with a 50/50 my

      brother owns, what does that change?
    • Is it

      correct that only when both owners agree to sell, can the house begin to be sold?
    • Is it

      best to use a local (to her) notaire?
    • With the

      50/50 split of the house as it is, is it also split 50/50 between my mother and

      father? Therefore, when he passes, essentially 25% covered by his will/estate?

    Finally, is there a UK based firm that I could

    contact to help me sort this out as my French is terrible!

    Many thanks, D

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