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  1. Hi all, we travelled to France in August/September for a long break via Eurotunnel and although a bit stressful getting all the docs uploaded etc. (and expensive!) it was relatively straightforward. Next month we are having a shorter holiday so flying with Ryanair. As the advice has recently changed we wondered if there's anyone who has travelled recently with Ryanair as, as usual, their customer service is next to useless. We are getting contradictory advice online, Government website says no Covid test required to enter France (agree, we did not need one when we travelled with Eurotunnel) but Ryanair are saying in their document requirements that a PCR or antigen test is required. We are both fully vaccinated so am rather confused. Don't want to get to the boarding gate only to be turned away and as the cost of the tests is high, obviously don't want to waste money if its not needed. Thank you
  2. Much appreciated both, will give these a try and let you know how I get on, thank you
  3. Are there websites in France such as CheckATrade, MyBuilder etc. where you can post a job and get quotes? Thank you!
  4. We need some concrete block walls constructed. Will provide all materials.

    First job is to finish off garage extension block walls and second project is to build 3 walls to create walled terrace, estimate probably around 2 weeks work, although if happy to render the terrace walls this will obviously involve additional time!!
  5. Hi, hope someone can shed light on this please? We keep receiving random bills for relatively small amounts, the latest is for 90 euros, the previous ones were for 69 euros in March and 65 euros in January. Have tried emailing to ask what this latest bill is for and also phoned the local satellite tax office but the lady just kept quoting the "article" number and couldn't help further. Obviously not able to pop in at the moment to discuss in person as in the UK. Text on the bill says...."en application des articles L.252. A du livre des procedures fiscales et L.1617-5 du code general des collectivites territoriales j'ai emis et rendu executoire un titre de recette pour recouvrer le creance dont les characteristiques sont les suivantes". We paid in excess of 3,000 euros for our property taxes last year so really not sure what these small additional amounts are for as very little information on the document. In the past have just paid up but this is the first time in 15 years we have received 3 requests after the taxes have been paid. Thanks to anyone who can assist, Paul
  6. Thank you for the Parvuvendu suggestion, have not heard of this site before. We are not really looking for a jack of all trades though. Not sure what your last paragraph means but thank you anyway.
  7. If only! I have phoned and emailed more than 20 companies in the past 4 weeks, no-one is available until Oct/Nov. Even the company we had booked in to do the work in May has postponed until next spring! We have all the materials just need someone to do the work!
  8. Is there anyone who can lay approximately 30 m2 of patio slabs (50 x 50cms) for us, Quillan area. Ground is level and there is only minimal cutting required. Need to be laid using cement rather than set in sand.
  9. Is there anyone who can lay approximately 30 m2 of patio slabs (50 x 50cms) for us, Quillan area. Ground is level and there is only minimal cutting required. Need to be laid using cement rather than set in sand.
  10. We are advised to check an artisan's credentials when employing but wondered what protection the SIRET number or the artisan being correctly registered with the various agencies actually gives us should it all go pear shaped!
  11. Hi all, has anyone used Kevin Moulard of Palaja, nr carcassonne? the company is called Modern Beton Systems. We are hoping to engage their services and as its a large job would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this company, thank you
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