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  1. @ chessfou2

    I think you'll find that the French paper licence (the pink one), althoughi showing no expiry date now expires in 2033.

    Haven't got the legislation to hand but it was introduced as part of the homologation of EU licences.
  2. That last paragraph should be on the "Where were you" thread.
  3. I don't do "social media". [blink]

  4. My Harraps two volume unabridged gives incessamment = very soon.

    "il doit arriver incessamment"  "He'll be here any minute now"
    "Incessamment sous peu"  "Very shortly"

    Note spelling (not for Sue)[:D]

  5. It would be the whole complex,Mint.  For example the LeClerc Centre at Trélissac only the supermarket will be allowed to be open. 

    Might not be good example of over 20,000 but you get my drift.  There will be bigger centres in France.

  6. The problem you had with the tax official was one that I came across some years ago.  In the end I did a paper for our local tax office explaining the differences between the UK and the French systems. 

    The use of a "State" pension conveys to them that you were a state employee and not that it was a general Old Age Pension such as is paid by the various "Caisses" in France..

    That aside, you will have to pay tax on your UK OAP but your global income is taken into account to detrmine what level of tax you have to pay.

    So, if your global income is such that you are taken into a higher tax band then you would have to pay at that level on the proportion that is taxable. 

    Which means that jointly you would be taxed on £13066 - your combined OAP (convertd to Euros) but at the level which corresponds to  your total income

    Hope that is of some help.

  7. Have been checking the website each morning and each evening. Yesterday evening there were appointments listed. I went on the site and tried to get one for, the nearest time, end of the month.

    Whilst I was on the site every time I tried too get a reservation they were disappearing before I could get them confirmed. Pretty evident that there is a large number of people trying to get an appointment.

    Eventually I got one for 11 February. Better to have one, even at that distance in time, than not.

    The site also paired me automatically for the second vaccination four weeks later. Just have to keep fingers crossed that they get the supplies,

    Only concern I have is that MOH is not quite old enough to qualify yet so my concern is for her. I qualified, comfortably, on age!!

    For info that is at my nearest centre which is Nontron,
  8. We have made wills under these provisions.  Did it with a notaire and thus bypass French inheritance laws and adhere to the wishes of our UK wills. We did it over a year ago.

    On the point made about you can disinherit your family, that is so for England but under Scottish law, if it were to apply to anyone on here, if your estate is above a certain amount, £350,000 seems to ring a bell, you cannot totally disinherit your children.

  9. To me "Bank Holidays" are a UK concept (maybe USA too). Holidays in France are based on Saints days, other religious festivals and social movement such as Labour day, or commemorative events like VE day. I know the banks close too!

    Different viewpoint as well so celebrated on the actual day rather than at the closest weekend.

  10. "The week before xmas 2001 we had a holiday in Brittany. On or way up we

    used some smaller roads and in villages there were 'santas' crawling up

    walls, or on roofs."

    Round here it's not unusual to see Santas still crawling up the walls at Easter.  In fact I think some leave theirs up practically all year.[8-)]

  11. Much of the UK Christmas was imported from Germany by Albert.[:)]

  12. http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance-forums/cs/forums/1/1355639/ShowPost.aspx#1355639

    For some reason I seem to recall there was another similar thread but in East Anglia or thereabouts but it might just be me getting it wrong.
  13. This might help:

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