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  1. We are in the process of selling our holiday home in France and we are U.K. residents. The Notaire has asked us to complete/submit either A1 or S1. However, HMRC in the U.K. cannot understand why. We are awaiting a reply from the Notaire. Could anyone shed any light on why they are needed and what exactly they are.
  2. Hi, We are UK resident (so Non-EU or EEA) and are in the process of selling our second home in France but have not used an estate agent. We have been asked to provide these two forms and are unsure as to why? Do we apply to HMRC here in the U.K. who complete them and return them to us? We contacted HMRC who are of the opinion - in a nutshell - that they are for Healthcare Cover for U.K. people who are intending to work temporarily in France. On a legal site it states these documents must be produced for exemption of CGT and Social Tax but we know that because of our status (second home, Non-EU resident) we are not exempt from these taxes. I would appreciate any info from someone who is in the same situation.
  3. Apparently some advertising companies (Airbnb, booking.com) are now including this tax in their price which means the owners of gite rentals do not pay direct - as before- but just need to submit a statement to their local office. My question is whether Holiday Lettings (Trip Advisor?) are doing this? It is extremely difficult to contact HL and I just wondered if perhaps someone knew the answer. My thanks in advance.
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