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  1. [quote user="PaulT"]The 2019 GE voting results for two parties: LibDems - 3,675,342 - 11 seats SNP - 1,242,380 - 48 seats So get 3 times the votes and you get less than a quarter of the seats - what a wonderful system. [/quote] The comparison isn't valid.  SNP was Scotland only.  LibDems were whole of UK.
  2. "Corned beef legs"? Where I came from it was "Fireside tartan".[;-)]
  3. "As far as I am aware a trailer being towed by a French registered vehicle where the trailer weight is up to 750kg the trailer carried the vehicle registration. Over 750kg the trailer requires separate registration." As has been pointed out, a trailer being towed by a French registered vehicle does not require separate registration up to 500kg gross laden weight and carries the registration number of the towing vehicle.  Over 500kg it requires separate registration and its own number. A trailer up to 750kg gross does not require to be braked.   Over 750kg gross the trailer is required to have its own braking system.
  4. Must be your face!  Never  had to do it.  Suppose I must look honest. lol
  5. I have a little bit of a problem with the construction of "priez-vous m'aider".  It is rather standing it on its head.   If you want to use prier I would suggest, "Je vous prie m'aider" ie "I beg you to help me". The main consideration, no matter whom you are dealing with, fonctionnaire, shop assistant etc, it is always wise to start with "Bonjour".  It isn't necessarily considered rude in UK to address a question without preamble and relying on tone and inflection but not so in France. All above IMHO BTW this isn't really my second post.  I was a contributor previously but a change of email address and forgotten password meant I ended up rejoining.
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