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  1. Hello

    My original floor ( in the grenier) was traditional timber flooring laid on the beams.
    It was very bouncy so I added a couple of new beams below to reduce the span, and then laid T& G flooring boards directly over the floorboards.

    This has improved things somewhat but its still very 'springy and I would like a more solid floor.

    If I were to lay a lightweight concrete screed over this I guess it will simply crack due to the movement?

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can create a good solid floor onto which I could lay tile etc?

    Hope to hear


  2. Hello

    I want to replace 3 large & partly rotten beams in my roof.

    Please see photos


    Any suggestions as to how I could do this safely myself without resort to a builder?

    I was thinking that I could remove the remaining roof joists etc and  support the beams with regulare spaced Acrows along the length and then cut (saw) through at one end. Then again at say 2m intervals.. What do you reckon? And what to do the cutting/sawing with?

    Alternatively if there any builders out there who can offer to do this for a reasonable sum ( as opposed to the extorniate prices I have been quoted ) I would be happy to hear from you.

    In the bigger picture I want to turn this space into a semi open roof terrasse ( have already done the floor etanchiete etc.) but one that could be covered in winter ( part sliding roof or similar), and also repoint/render the stonework.

    Hope to hear from someone!


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