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  1. Hello all,

    I need to fill in form 2044 for UK rental income (I know I am a bit late). It looks a bit daunting.

    Can anyone please point me to the lines I need to fill in. Its for one property and there is no expenses related to the rental, except for a management fee.

    Thank you

  2. Hello all,

    As I understand it you can get reimbursed 30% of the price for a woodburner of a certain efficiency, if bought and installed by a professional.

    I have found a box (7AR) on form 2042 called:

    Équipements de chauffage ou de production d'eau chaude fonctionnant au bois ou autres biomasses

    I've entered the price of the stove.

    Is there anything else to fill in or do, in order to get reimbursed? I would have thought you would have to upload an invoice.


  3. frexpt:

    You mentioned above that your uk rental income were above 15000. Which box did you use to declare the amount, please?

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