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  1. Yes, we have received our French ones (last Friday, unexpected as we had not registered this time, but seems it’s an in perpetuity thing.). Saturday’s post brought our UK postal voting forms, which we had expected since we had both renewed when due. Happily, or unhappily, this time, I had to vote in the UK, and these were sent off the same day. Won’t be in France to vote in person, and had not arranged a proxy or postal as I was in the Uk when it was due to be done. in fact I am Dublin typing this, on a tour of Ireland holiday, sun shining in my hotel room as I type at some unGodly hour of the morning, since I woke to French time, but pleased I did manage to vote at least. Of to enjoy the day, maybe I can sleep on the train on the way to Cork, which is today’s route!
  2. Oh but Mint, it's not radio 3, you know ... I agree, he was hardly speaking in any understandable manner, but what do you expect from someone who was so stupid in what he did ???? 

    Is it me, or does everyone mutter and not finish the ends of words these days?  Lost count of the number of times I shout "it's got a 'T' on the end of it, you twit!" or some such ... "D's" another missing consonant now!!

    Grumpy old woman, here I come!!

  3. Still getting used to the idea that since I can now post again, I can look again too (so annoying when you see a post you want to reply to, and can't).

    Colloquilisms .... well I don't use them very much, as I don't know many (ras-de-bol I learnt in a French lesson before I came here, but have never really had the occasion to use it, except in my mind when doing the tax form!!), so I long ago decided not to bother with them too much.  Even though everyone says I speak good French (well, I don't think I do, but certainly better than many English around here!), but knows I am not French I decided to keep it simple for me, and use the words I know. 

    I get the gist when French people use them, along with the rest, but maybe most of our French friends fall in to the better spoken brigade.

    And yes, better not to use colloquialisms rather than use them and get them so wrong everybody laughs at you!!

  4. Chessie, I'm sorry to read about your problems.  Sadly, I know very little about what happens here in France, though one our English friends here did get Alzheimers and they did find an excellent home here ...though that is not any use to you, they do exist ... and not too expensive.  The mairie, local social assistant should surely be able to help you locate one, and help with what has to be paid.

    You may also have, as we do, an association for relatives, which helps you to keep going and understand it all, and indeed, they also do activities for the sufferers themselves, if they are not at too advanced a level.  If you could find one of those it could be of the greatest help too, as they will know what to do and who can help.

  5. Phew!!  Been busy, and not looked for a day or two, and I thought, at first, that I was locked out - again.  No wonder we have so few posters now.  If it happens again, I may not bother again. .. sadly !

  6. Only buy lettuce in the summer, and from the market if I can.  They go off or have no taste otherwise. Winter I like to use jeunes pousses d'epinard .... the advantage being that if they go a bit soggy you can use them as a veg.   I use a spinner when I do wash lettuce, as I always put a vinaigrette on it so bruised leaves don't matter to me.

  7. Hello everyone,

    I'm back, in an alter ego ... a few weeks away is all it takes for this forum to "forget" you and your password and well, I am not the first .. would not accept the passwords they kept sending me to replace my supposedly "forgotten" password .. so I've had to sign in again .. with a totally different email, as they recognised the old one, but still couldn't send me a password which they would then let me use!!!!  Something like 6 times ??????

    "Please contact the forum admin if this does not work".  How??? No email given, no link, and when I tried the magazine ones, no reply, or the daemon mailer ... not delivered!!!   Grrrr!

    But I miss this old forum, and all the lovely (usually) people on it, so now to catch up replying to all those posts I meant to reply but couldn't ... I suppose the fact that I managed to keep the same ID going for 13 years !!!!!, says something ... anyhow, I'm sure you'll all know who I am.

    But this forum could really do with better technical help ... or none of us will bother any more.

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