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  1. NormanH, I don't necessary support the same political party as you (in fact, I am pretty sure I don't from your previous comments on this forum, and though I always vote I try otherwise to keep out of political discussions), BUT I have to say I totally concur and agree with your last two comments on this post.  There has to be some closure on this madness, but which ever way it falls, and I presume most on this forum do not want to leave the EU, we would all be grateful to know what is gong to happen soonest.  I am pretty sure that proroguing Parliament is not the only way forward, and that other options, including a GE given the parlous state of the present almost-non-majority-government would be the sensible if not liked by them way forward.  And the EU have already said that they would extend for that reason.  Another referendum, well yes, if there was a sensible majority put on it, but given the confused thinking and that referenda are not the UK's normally way of chosing, it would be my least preferred of your two options above.

  2. If you can work out which light bulb, or whatever is which.  We have several of all sorts, in different parts of the house, yes there are light bulbs, chauffe eau etc pictograms, but covered by two different boards .. and rather a lot of rooms, heaters, ovens etc - so we have yet to work out what really goes where ...

  3. Sue, happily, no.  I did ask them if I could claim for a hire car to get me back to France when I had an accident in the UK, as my own insurers were being difficult (they said I hadn't asked them first, in fact I had, but the message didn't get passed on by my agent who was on holiday, and no-one picked it up in her absence), but they. Globelink, said, no, as it wasn't really covered by travel insurance,  which I understood, but asked anyway!, but they were very nice about it, and replied, which is what you want as well.

    So, I cannot judge on how they would cope if you claimed, and though I suspect they will be like other insurances and try and get out of it if they can, I do feel that they would come up trumps if it were covered by the insurance.  I take out an annual policy because I travel quite a bit, but it is going up in price as I age!

  4.  Globelink work for me, in that age group, and used for several years.  Will insure even if French resident.   Basedin Ely, UK, search for Globelink should find them.  Can insure online, there is a medical questionnaire, any problems re medical coverage, you can ring them ...

  5. I find that happens when they get new or inexperienced staff on the till, or when the security man is close by.  Since I know the directors well, fellow Rotarians, who bise when seen, most of the staff not only know me, but my bags, which are also pretty distinctive.  I do find, however, that staff in the UK (mainly Waitrose and Tesco, 'cos that's what they have where I go) are far more friendly and helpful than any supermarket cashier here.

  6. Thanks Loiseau.  I also find that, saying I don't know if there is a solution, helps, if things get sticky .. and look puzzled.  They always know I am not French, though they say I speak good French, when I apologise for my poor French (it''s not perfect though by no means idiomatic or quite correct, I mix up vous and tu, all the time and use them interchangeably as well!, but they get the gist), but that is also a good way to get them on your side ... they can take the upper hand ... though the lady in Beziers in the old days when I tried to change my driving licence (oh, if only!), did not play ball .. but that's Beziers for you, isn't it NormanH???

  7. What I usually do is start by saying, I have a little problem ... and get them sort of on my side ... it seems to work ...

  8. Well said Mint.  Quite often I don't post, sometimes because the discussion has moved on from the point I would have made, but sometimes because when one of two decide to have a spat (and that is being kind on occasion), I just don't bother.

    I used to look at much more than I do  now, time being the critical factor. 

    Hoddy, you have a thankless task, which you do to admiration, and if only I could see myself having the time, I'd offer, but I have to be sensible and say no, as I am trying to disengage from several things so that I have time to go on holidays!!

  9. Yes, I saw that on too, NormanH, and thought, what is society doing to itself, if a parking place is more important than someone's life.  And though in a totally different league, on the UK news, yesterday, a mother who killed her two young daughters because they got in the way of her sex life.

    It beggars belief.

  10. Beginning to think that supply of doctors is a bit luck of the draw.  In our reasonably large village there were three, one retired, another now has, and they've had to import a doctor from Spain to fill the place.  My own doctor, is now a 10 min drive away, but worth it, as she not only speaks English but is English by birth (been here since she was 4 though!), I can manage in French, but so nice to be able to chat in your own language and be perfectly understood.

    But on holiday in the hills recently, I fell, no first aid with us, of course, and no pharmacy in the village either.  But there was a doctor, who had turn up and wait surgery each morning, and by appointment in the evenings.  So guess where I went the next morning, usefully it was directly opposite where we were staying.  Most useful.  But really pot luck what you get where.

  11. I didn't much bother converting, if I didn't like the price I didn't pay before!  It's been low almost since I came here ... so not a huge difference.  When we first bought here, well, there's the rub .. but it was rather long ago - now!

  12. Thanks Hereford, I knew someone on here would explain it better than I did!

  13. Shower last night, much more threatened for today here.  Yes, much cooler so I can think again, been far, far too uncomfortable to think, and we "escaped" the intense heat for two weeks in the mountains, it was not cool even there.  Sweaty Betty, indeed, Betty! 

  14. I believe this is to do with the changes in how tax is collected this year.  For those on salaries, and others, one tax year has been "missed" though I don't understand it all completely.  On the French tax form you can ask for a rebate on donations etc to charities, and other rebates you might have received such as employing someone, and they are giving it as a lump sum or rebate rather (in more than one part actually, as we had one of these in the early part of the year) and these will now be appearing again as they finalise tax due since they have received the forms.  I haven't been online yet, but I expect to see something, give or take depending on what I put on the form for donations this year.

    Not well explained, as I am not an accountant, but that's what I think it is all about.  Plenty of info on the French tax web site.

  15. I can only concur.  Very sad news, though perhaps a blessing after several strokes. He was an excellent and informative moderator, and was sadly missed when he decided to move on from the post.  I know he popped into the forum from time to time after his departure as a moderator; he was indeed someone who lived his life to the full, and we shall miss his tolerance, humour and passion for life in France.  RIP Quillan, for it as such that I shall ever remember him.

  16. Just back from a holiday in a village where the dogs (we presume, not kids) cried at each clocher ... 7am .. 9am ... etc .. but only then ... poor things we thought.  Otherwise, never heard them.   Lots of tractors around too, going along the road and up the one at the end of the garden .. c'est normal we said.  And they didn't start as early as the vignerons do, either!

  17. Yes, I do so now wish I'd changed it earlier, but as there was no need (and I quite liked my old, tatty, paper licence!)  Currently in the nothing heard still situation, though I sent it a year before it expires, thinking that surely will be sufficiet, but that was befoer the problems at Nantes had been widely publicised.  And only 3 months now before I can not longer legally drive. 

    I think I need a little miracle, if anyone up there is listening, please!
  18. Indeed, Betty.  Every time I go back to the UK, I am amazed and overwhelmed by the portion size.  I have taken to eating starters as the only way out of that quandary!

  19. Betty, think ther's less sharing of platters here than in the UK and the States, though I see people sharing a desert, it's often only that. First time I ever had this was indeed in the States - years and years ago, the largest fruit salad I ordered when I finally arrived at the hotel after I have lost track of how many hours flying.  So tired of course, could hardly eat any of it ... they suggested the doggy bag, I would never have asked, and so I had a lovely fruit breakfast the next morning, instead!

  20. Seen it in restos here, though we've never had to ask, we know the restos and know the portion sizes so order appropriately.  I have yet to see wine taken though!

  21. We are technically in Herault, as my sig says, but basically surrounded by the eastern end of the the Aude, and today, thank the Lord, there was a breeze, which meant it was survivable.  I don't know what it got to in the garden though, which surrounded by high-ish walls is never typical ... and it must have been pretty nasty in Beziers, NormanH, nor, as you say, is it cooling down at night .. so I am in front of the fan (no a/c) and downstairs is tolerable, at least. 

    I am suffering more from some sort of rhinitis, cold, cough thing, and that is definitely doing me in ...

  22. Chessie, in our region, sadly a little too far away from you, we have an organisation set up to work with families of those with Alz, [Alzheimer: un autre regard] which we have financially supported via my Rotary Club,  as well as I have a friend who used them (hubby now died of Alz) but they both found it helpful.  It was bi-lingual, they ran afternoons (games, music), so if you could find something locally, it may help.

    As for seeing the doctor, you should see him for your own health worries, and as hubby's Alz and probably deafness are all part of that worry, you are perfectly at liberty to mention how his health is causing your health to suffer too.  If you say, if only he would have his hearing looked at, he might pick up on it ... or you could ask directly.  Any doctor worth his salt would be amenable I am sure.

    Good luck.

  23. According to one survey today,it has had an effect on the Tory faithful who will vote ... BJ has lost 11 points (or some such amount) in the last day ..

  24. I had the same "gorgeous" moment in Ireland recently.  Never seen so many rhododendrons in my life.  Just as when an unexpected view of France happens, sunflowers once it was, I remember, you are just stunned, and reminded of the beauty that is nature when it's in full bloom.

  25. Glorious! Wonder what the Academy would think of that one!!!
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